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From Michael Petit <>
Subject Traffic Server Home Proxy
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 21:07:36 GMT
I am considering Traffic Server for a home proxy to reduce Internet
bandwidth and filter out specific Internet sites.

My home environment: (yes, I live in the boonies)

   - VMWare cluster running to add a Linux instance for Traffic Server -
   - Cisco Catalyst 2900XL switch connecting all nodes -
   (default gateway
   - Internet connection is via a Cradlepoint wireless EVDO router with an
   EDVO connection to the Internet (only thing that connects to this devise is
   the 2900XL) -
   - 20 wired nodes throughout my house all home running to 2900XL
   - 10+ wireless devises that connect to the Cradlepoint wireless EVDO
   - Cradlepoint EVDO router running DHCP


   - Reduce Internet traffic to keep household under the 5GB per month limit

   - Multi-User Proxy
   - Multi-user shared cache - avoid downloading the same thing on all nodes

   - Contect filtering and URL blacklist
   - Usage monitoring
   - Removal of advertisements on web pages

It appears that Traffic Server will work, although it is not really intended
to be used in this method. I do not want to use a forward proxy and have to
set all devices to use the proxy.

How do I setup a Transparency for all Internet traffic to go though the
Traffic Server with my setup?



Michael Petit

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