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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: Usage of Traffic Server with a CDN
Date Sat, 25 Dec 2010 02:41:09 GMT
On 12/24/2010 07:27 PM, John Cheng wrote:
> 2010/12/24 Igor Galić<>:
>> ----- "John Cheng"<>  wrote:
>>> I am exploring the role of ATS in a high availability, high traffic
>>> web site. And I would like to ask if it make sense to use ATS for the
>>> purpose of "scalability" if you are already using a CDN.
>> Y! uses it for their CDNs. If it's good enough for them..
>> Anyway, a CDN can be a number of things. What is it for you?
> Hi Igor. CDN for me is edge delivery, for example Akamai edge
> platform. Static contents, particularly images and videos, can be sent
> to users from Akamai's nearest servers. In this case, most contents
> should be served from Akamai and I wonder if Apache Traffic Server has
> a significant role in reducing load on the web (Apache Httpd) servers.

As Igor pointed out, Yahoo! uses a version of Traffic Server that is 
very similar to ATS v2.0.1 (which is much worse than v2.1.4 ;). Last I 
heard, they were delivering in the order of 300,000 RPS and 30-40GBps 
out of ~100 servers (most of which are idle, they are deployed at such 
large quantity primarily to get edge presence around the world). If 
anyone from Yahoo! is around, please correct me where I'm wrong on these 

-- Leif

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