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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: TS 2.0.1 and 2.1.3-unstable not for production environments?
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2010 22:54:21 GMT
  On 10/15/2010 06:23 AM, Sascha Klose wrote:
> TS 2.1.3-unstable
> -----------------
> I know, that this version is a developer-version (unstable), but
> because of the crashed of 2.0.1 I try this version.
> This version have a problem with 206-requests (Partial Content). It
> don't work with IE 8.0 for example. If click a download-url for a file
> in a website via IE 8.0, the IE 8.0 download a few KB's (something like
> 300 KByte)  immediately (with Code 200) and after you have choose the
> location for the file, IE try to get the last KB's with Code 206. This
> produce an error in IE (like can't download the file). Most of
> 206-requests are logs with 1 Byte in the logfile (which causes an
> error).
> This problem don't exist in 2.0.1.

Another thing that would help immensely would be a complete dump (e.g. 
tcpdump) of the request that IE8 is sending, and the response from 
Apache TS (not the actual data, just the headers please).

-- leif

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