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From Steve Jiang <>
Subject Re: ProxyRemote ?
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 16:04:51 GMT
Zeller, Jan (ID) wrote, on 7/26/10 8:53 AM:
> The 'map' thing should be sufficient and seems to be the right thing I need to have.
> "map/forward any given URL (port 80) to http://myotherproxy:81"
> How can I achieve this ? I tried "map / http://myotherproxy:81" but this one is ignored.

What type of request are you making, and can you clarify what you mean 
by 'ignored'?

When using remap.config, TS will not send an absolute URI in the request 
remapped target server, e.g.

GET /index.html HTTP/1.1

Where, if myotherproxy is configured as a forward proxy it will expect 
requests of the form:


Configuring parent proxy tells TS that you want to send requests to 
another forward proxy.


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