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From Fermín Manzanedo Guzmán <>
Subject Re: Trafficserver load balancing
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 23:07:36 GMT
El 18/05/10 17:12, Leif Hedstrom escribió:
> On 05/18/2010 09:01 AM, Fermín Manzanedo Guzmán wrote:
>> Hello
>> We're trying to implement a load balanced system with a few apache 
>> servers bihind a local trafficserver cluster.
>> we're reading the doc but it seems not to be possible (by now?).
>> Is there any possibility to activate load-balancing in trafficserver?
> Well, it supports "DNS round-robin" in the core. Also, Steve committed 
> an example plugin that does basic hashing on the request path I 
> think.  But when you say load-balancing, do you actually mean 
> something that measures "load" on the real-servers ?


Not necesarily a real load measure, but this sounds really great!

> There are a couple of plugins that Y! will open source that provides 
> some features that a typical SLB would provide (e.g. URL hashing), but 
> I have no ETA on that  (the URL hashing plugin is a bit complicated 
> because it needs to be rewritten using some open source pieces).
> This question comes up frequent enough that maybe we need to make a 
> simpler plugin that does health checking and round-robin or sticky (by 
> client IP) traffic balancing?

  By now a simple load balancing like round-robin or something like you 
are saying may cover our requirements.


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