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From "Chou, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Setting fds_limit.
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2017 16:28:41 GMT

The proposed change below is NOT directly related to setting the ATS internal soft and hard
limits (fds_throttle and fds_limit respectively). Instead, I am proposing to modify the way
that we currently change the OS limits (done by setting lim.rlim_cur and lim.rlim_max and
then calling the setrlimit() system function). If you look inside the adjust_sys_settings()
function, we first attempt to set the OS limits to 90% of maxfiles (proxy.config.system.file_max_pct),
and then we attempt to set the OS limits to fds_throttle (
if the current OS limits are not enough to satisfy the needs of fds_throttle + THROTTLE_FD_HEADROOM.
The change I am proposing is that if we are changing the OS limits anway, then it seems not
to make sense to set the OS limit to just fds_throttle. Instead, we should set the OS limit
to fds_throttle + THROTTLE_FD_HEADROOM so that the fds_throttle is not forced lower again
later in check_fd_limit().


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From: Chao Xu [] 
Sent: Saturday, June 24, 2017 5:43 AM
Subject: Re: Setting fds_limit.

Hi Peter,

The `fds_limit` is hard limit of fds. The 192 fds are reserved for ats
internal use (epoll fd , EThread signal, etc ...).
The throttle is soft limit of fds and (fds_limit - 192) is the max value of

We can not and must not change the hard limit since it is set by operating

Oknet Xu

2017-06-24 3:10 GMT+08:00 Chou, Peter <>:

> Hi,
> In adj_system_settings() in proxy/, we have (paraphrasing here) --
> if throttle > (current - head_room) then
>     cur = max = throttle
>     setrlimit()...
> Would it make more sense to set --
>     cur = max = throttle + head_room
> Otherwise, our users see the warning, try to compensate, and see the
> warning again...
> Default of 30000:
> WARNING: connection throttle too high, 30000 (throttle) + 192 (internal
> use) > 30000 (file descriptor limit), using throttle of 29808
> Changed to 29800:
> WARNING: connection throttle too high, 29800 (throttle) + 192 (internal
> use) > 29800 (file descriptor limit), using throttle of 29608
> We can make the warnings go away by setting the file limit higher in the
> systemd file for the service, but the above behavior can cause some
> confusion.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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