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From "Steven R. Feltner" <>
Subject Re: Location for test plugins
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2017 20:17:32 GMT
+1 for tests/plugins.  It should cut down on the confusion of someone trying to use it as a
‘real’ plugin versus putting it in the plugins/* directory structure.

On 6/2/17, 2:32 PM, "Leif Hedstrom" <> wrote:

    +1 for tests/plugins as well.
    > On Jun 2, 2017, at 11:30 AM, Bryan Call <> wrote:
    > +1 for tests/plugins
    > -Bryan
    >> On Jun 2, 2017, at 9:50 AM, Alan Carroll <>
    >> PR 2042 has a special plugin in it which is used only for performing tests. This
is just the first of something that is going to occur repeatedly in the future. These plugins
are not written to be general purpose but will be effectively custom built specifically for
the test. We should decide now how we want that structured. Some options are
    >> * Put them in example.* Put them in tests/plugins* Put them in the directory
containing the test.
    >> My personal preference is the second. I think these plugins are unlikely to be
good example plugins and they certainly aren't production ready. On the other hand, having
a single place to look for test plugins is in my view useful and better than scattering them
in different sub directories under tests.

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