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From Susan Hinrichs <>
Subject Request for Comments on PR #350
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 15:51:06 GMT
I have a PR out for TS-3072 "Debug logging for a single connection".

So far there is general agreement that this is a useful feature. 
However, there is contention on how this feature is activated.  The 
current proposed implementation uses the existing debug.enable config in 
records.config and adds a debug.client_ip option.  Some people feel that 
we should not be cluttering records.config with another entry.   And it 
should only have a plugin interferface. However, to get the debug logic 
to trigger early enough to capture debug messages for the start of the 
connection, we would need to extend the pre-accept plugin hook to 
include TCP accept as well. This would probably push the fix into next 
year (unless someone else takes it on).

Then to get the behavior of enabling the IP address on the fly, someone 
would need to write a plugin that watches it's config files for changes 
(or some other dynamic communication mechanism).

If you have an opinion one way or the other, add a comment to the PR 
(since there are already quite a few comments there), or reply to this 

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