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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject experimental/lua vs experimental/ts_lua
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2013 16:31:24 GMT
Hi all,

First, I don’t want to stir up more stuff than necessary, but I think it’s important that
we figure out which directions we should take regarding the Lua plugins. I feel this has been
handled somewhat unprofessional, and hence, I’d like to get the discussion going. We’ll
undoubtedly have to deal with this more frequently as we gain popularity :).

Here’s the issue, IMO at least: We now have two competing Lua plugins in the source tree.
They share nothing afaik. Neither are well documented. I guess more code is better than less
code, but I think it’s an overall confusing story for our users. Which of the two Lua plugins
should they use? Which one do we expect developers to contribute to? And which one (if any?)
gets promoted to being stable? How would we make such a decision? Do we make such a decision??

I’d like to open up the discussion here, a few things to consider are

1. Do we keep both?
2. Do we try to merge them? Is there value in merging the two code bases?
3. Or do we simply retire one of them?
4. How did we end up like this? Did our processes break at some stage where we ended up with
two plugins for the same feature?
5. How do we avoid future duplication like this ? I know for example both PageSpeed and SPDY
are at risk of similar duplication.
6. How do other organizations deal with this? I’m particularly curious as to how HTTPD deals
with it.

Please discuss.

— Leif

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