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From "Alan M. Carroll" <>
Subject Re: Getting traffic_server to dump core
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2011 21:18:49 GMT
It's definitely a problem with calling setuid() and then not re-invoking PR_SET_DUMPABLE. I
think it must have been broken for a long time as the version before using POSIX capabilities
didn't call setuid until after invoking PR_SET_DUMPABLE. I put some extra debugging output
in and verified that after calling change_uid_gid the PR_SET_DUMPABLE flag was off (core dumps
disabled). I put a check in to the original call in set_core_size to validate and that did
not trigger, indicating that the value was set at that point.

I made a patch that I am testing that sets a flag if the core file size is non-zero and calls
PR_SET_DUMPABLE after calling change_uid_gid() if that flag is set. At that point I could
generate core dumps.

Thanks for the note, Rayson, it set me on the right path.

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