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Subject svn commit: r859875 - in /websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk: cgi-bin/ content/ content/downloads.en.html
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 15:37:20 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Apr 25 15:37:20 2013
New Revision: 859875

Staging update by buildbot for trafficserver

    websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/cgi-bin/   (props changed)
    websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/cgi-bin/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Thu Apr 25 15:37:20 2013
@@ -1 +1 @@

Propchange: websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Thu Apr 25 15:37:20 2013
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/downloads.en.html
--- websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/downloads.en.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/downloads.en.html Thu Apr 25 15:37:20 2013
@@ -135,133 +135,83 @@ in particular on FreeBSD.</p>
 <p>There are no new features in this release.</p>
 <p>More details are also in the <a href=";a=blob_plain;f=CHANGES;h=894e18c19c7030a83b14bcdd72be90837280e8ef;hb=18cb95b25c96ce640af2282bbfcb2337cebe07ac">CHANGES
log</a>. </p>
 <p>For details on the fixes since v2.0.0, please refer to the <a href="v2tov3bugs.html">bug
-<h1 id="3.3.1">Current (developer, unstable) Release -- 3.3.1</h1>
-<p>Apache Traffic Server 3.3.1 was released on March 14, 2012.
- [<a href=""><code>PGP</code></a>]
- [<a href=""><code>MD5</code></a>]
- [<a href=""><code>SHA1</code></a>]</p>
-<p><a href=""
class="download_ts">Traffic Server 3.3.1</a></p>
-<h2 id="3.3.1SubTasks">Sub-tasks</h2>
+<h1 id="3.3.2">Current (developer, unstable) Release -- 3.3.2</h1>
+<p>Apache Traffic Server 3.3.2 was released on April 18, 2013.
+ [<a href=""><code>PGP</code></a>]
+ [<a href=""><code>MD5</code></a>]
+ [<a href=""><code>SHA1</code></a>]</p>
+<p><a href=""
class="download_ts">Traffic Server 3.3.2</a></p>
+<h2 id="3.3.2Bugs">Bugs</h2>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1003</code></a>]
-         prefetch: the config file</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1350</code></a>]
-         detect and prefer LuaJIT</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1386</code></a>]
-         thread hang in cluster type=1, which will trigger the throttling</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-921</code></a>]
-          TSIOBufferBlockReadStart() could&#39;nt return the corresponding chunk data
length when original server using the &quot;Transfer Encoding: chunked&quot; http
header !</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1058</code></a>]
-          Intercept an HTTP client&#39;s request</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1169</code></a>]
-          in enable-debug and pristine_host_hdr=0 mode, TS will crash when purge a cached
object which is after TSCacheUrlSet</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1247</code></a>]
-          Data from a response transform in a plugin causes excess memory usage</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1351</code></a>]
-          raw disk cache disabled when system start</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1368</code></a>]
-          wccp does not build out of tree</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1382</code></a>]
-          jtest is not 64bit nice?</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1415</code></a>]
-          return 400 if the length of hostname is 0</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1422</code></a>]
-          TProxy + proxy.config.http.use_client_target_addr can caused site-specific DoS
when DNS records are bad/stale or point to unreachable servers</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1424</code></a>]
-          Transparent proxy with proxy.config.http.use_client_source_port==1 has problems
if the client is keep-alive and the origin server is not.</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1446</code></a>]
-          RFC 5861 plugin must set Age header</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1494</code></a>]
-          sslCa should be set NULL after parseConfigLine in</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1513</code></a>]
-          SPDY plugin crashes on connection close</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1528</code></a>]
-          ats_memalign: couldn&#39;t allocate -548249600 bytes in Vol::init()</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1566</code></a>]
-          dynamic update for string vars does not work</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1574</code></a>]
-          Range transform crash at RangeTransform::transform_to_range</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1580</code></a>]
-          mutexAllocator and netVCAllocator in-use count continually growing</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1583</code></a>]
-          Visibility of hash_map unclear to GCC 4.7 when -std=c++11</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1587</code></a>]
-          ESI: make check fails</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1609</code></a>]
-          Traffic Cop doesn&#39;t wait() for its children</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1623</code></a>]
-           in transparent mode the logs are missing the hostname of the site</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1627</code></a>]
-          Support requests with payload</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1631</code></a>]
-          Clear Stats doesn&#39;t work - old value return</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1632</code></a>]
-          RecDecrRawStat does not seem to work as intended</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1635</code></a>]
-          url parse BUGS IN Apache Traffic Sever 3.3.1 </li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1649</code></a>]
-          Dont use ink_bind if we&#39;re not specifying a local ip or local port</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1682</code></a>]
-          Lua plugin doesn&#39;t compile on some older versions of GCC</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1708</code></a>]
-          Using tr-pass port option causes requests with large headers to hang</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1719</code></a>]
-          Lua Plugin breaks build on Linux (Ubuntu 12.10/amd64)</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1734</code></a>]
-          VMap functionality is missing a the vmap_config tool for bringing ip addresses
up and down; but appears to be largely dead code</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1736</code></a>]
-          Fatal() terminate process without logging backtrace</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1740</code></a>]
-          Improve precision of stats&#39;s values</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1744</code></a>]
-          ats run with 1 less event thread then it is supposed to, for both auto and manual
thread config</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1745</code></a>]
-          [PATCH] Fix Typos</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1749</code></a>]
-          Stats cluster values among nodes are not consistent</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1750</code></a>]
-          cpu usage (cluster thread) will more high when some machine being down</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1754</code></a>]
-          Warnings from stats evaluation</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1758</code></a>]
-          Remove unused overviewPage aggregation functions</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1764</code></a>]
-          Unify definitions of MAX() and MIN()</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1780</code></a>]
-          UnixEventProcessor fails compile on Debuntu (with hardening flags)</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1781</code></a>]
-          esi plugin fails to build under clang/trunk</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1787</code></a>]
-          gcc 4.8 complains about uninitialized struct tm</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1790</code></a>]
-          authproxy should accept 2xx as authorization success</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1806</code></a>]
-          mgmt/api does not compile on llvm/clang (from trunk)</li>
-<h2 id="3.3.1Bugs">Bugs</h2>
+<h2 id="3.3.2Improvements">Improvements</h2>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-207</code></a>]
-         [GSoC] FreeBSD: Add raw disk support for the cache</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-975</code></a>]
-         server-transform.c broken</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1155</code></a>]
-         POST requests that are chunked encoding hang when going forward to origin over SSL</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1223</code></a>]
-         Crash report: http_ui show network connections</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1246</code></a>]
-         trafficserver script error message (in ubuntu)</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1249</code></a>]
-         More Traffic Server ESI plugin issues</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1252</code></a>]
-         stats summary in cluster not working?</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1266</code></a>]
-         RAM cache stats looks wrong</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1278</code></a>]
-         Clang warns: Volatile fields read but results discarded</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1300</code></a>]
-         TSUrlStringGet appears to return incorrect URL for transparent HTTP requests</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1315</code></a>]
-         URL parsing fails for less used but valid URLs</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1320</code></a>]
-         Reading from SSL origin can starve sending data to client</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1322</code></a>]
-         CONNECT to parent proxy has URL with a trailing slash</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1339</code></a>]
-         Offset table is not accounting for multiple alternate documents</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1392</code></a>]
-         requiring SNI for SSL termination</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1407</code></a>]
-         ATS blocks unknown methods (eg PROPFIND) and doesn&#39;t work with webdav</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1416</code></a>]
-         Heartbeat increases Cache Misses count</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1433</code></a>]
-         enable_read_while_writer not working in 3.2.0</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1437</code></a>]
-         Lua plugin fails to build on some Linux platforms (Fedora at least)</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1441</code></a>]
-         fix possible null reference to configuration in gzip plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1445</code></a>]
-         Gzip plugin appends 2 adlers when using gzip compression</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1452</code></a>]
-         gzip build failure with Apple/clang-421.0.57 </li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1454</code></a>]
-         in CacheContinuation::setupReadWriteVC, ic_hostname maybe is NULL</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1455</code></a>]
-         memory leak when using the gzip plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1457</code></a>]
-         transforms during video requests cause massive memory growth</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1458</code></a>]
-         fix LuaJIT include ordering</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1466</code></a>]
-         turn off SSL compression by default</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1469</code></a>]
-         Traffic Manager when autoconf fd &gt; 32 will cause endless spins causing traffic_cop
to kill server</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1473</code></a>]
-         ATS 3.2 drops support for ARM</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1506</code></a>]
-         %&lt;cquuh&gt; log symbol will crash TS when requesting a SSL url.</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1512</code></a>]
-         volume &amp; hosting will crash the server in cluster</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1516</code></a>]
-         use_client_addr breaks parent proxy configuration</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1518</code></a>]
-         detect header_rewrite plugin boost dependency</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1526</code></a>]
-         SNI support breaks IP-based lookup</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1538</code></a>]
-         TS hangs (dead lock) on HTTPS POST/PROPFIND requests</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1539</code></a>]
-         README file is missing information to perform a successful build from git repo.</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1550</code></a>]
-         remove unnecessary USE_CONFIG_PROCESSOR define</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1551</code></a>]
-         ssl_multicert.config not reread with traffic_line -x</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1553</code></a>]
-         build fails</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1557</code></a>]
-         ua_begin_write stat is never set ATS</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1558</code></a>]
-         use_client_addr breaks control over upstream HTTP protocol version</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1559</code></a>]
-         Server side termination not handled properly when a PluginVC/Protocol Plugin  is
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1564</code></a>]
-         Logs created via the API in plugins are not rolled</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1565</code></a>]
-         TSStringPercentEncode returns one character short in no-op case (no encoding needed)</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1572</code></a>]
-         Plugin response status change can trigger ATS assertion later on</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1576</code></a>]
-         splitdns.config not reread with traffic_line -x </li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1579</code></a>]
-         register_ShowNet calling is high load</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1582</code></a>]
-         gcc 4.7 needs a space between strings and format specifiers</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1591</code></a>]
-         gzip plugin should load relative config file</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1594</code></a>]
-         ProxyMutexPtr and Ptr&lt;ProxyMutex&gt; are identical</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1615</code></a>]
-         Some spelling errors in source code</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1624</code></a>]
-         Remove use of JEMALLOC_P</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1628</code></a>]
-         in LogAccessHttp::validate_unmapped_url(), m_http_sm-&gt;t_state.pristine_url
maybe invalid()</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1634</code></a>]
-         Lua remap plugin crashes on reload</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1640</code></a>]
-         SSL certificate reconfiguration only works once</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1643</code></a>]
-         Traffic Server 3.2.0 sends default error response instead of &quot;request#no_content_length&quot;
for Post requests with no Content-Length header.</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1645</code></a>]
-         increase the file stat resolution on config files</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1650</code></a>]
-         Inactivity cop should use TRY_LOCK instead of LOCK to avoid deadlock.</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1672</code></a>]
-         Emergency throttling can continue forever</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1673</code></a>]
-         Remap with recv port is using the wrong port for remapping</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1674</code></a>]
-         TSStatIntDecrement is broken</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1690</code></a>]
-         Experimental plugins don&#39;t build on ARM (Ubuntu gcc-4.4)</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1700</code></a>]
-         disable static libraries by default</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1701</code></a>]
-         segv if header_rewrite is configured with the InkAPI and uses PATH or QUERY conditions</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1704</code></a>]
-         Null pointer dereference while debugging is on</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1710</code></a>]
-         esi plugin enhancement such as support forward proxy</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1714</code></a>]
-         ATS 3.2 does not build with gcc 4.8 anymore</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1716</code></a>]
-         authproxy fails to reserve an argument index in global mode</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1738</code></a>]
-         &quot;proxy.cluster.cache_total_hits_mem&quot; is missing in RecordsConfig</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1739</code></a>]
-         Fix TODO within varFloatFromName()</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1743</code></a>]
-         traffic_logstats is completely broken</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-621</code></a>]
-          writing 0 bytes to the HTTP cache means only update the header... need a new API:
update_header_only() to allow 0 byte files to be cached</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1067</code></a>]
-          Remove unused config (and code) for bandwidth management</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1177</code></a>]
-          Download mirrors and cache hits</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1671</code></a>]
-          It seems that AlarmListable in overviewRecord is obsolete</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1742</code></a>]
-          Freelists to use 64bit version w/ Double Word Compare and Swap</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1748</code></a>]
-          add jtest to the build</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1751</code></a>]
-          when ts have high cpu usage, cluster thread isn&#39;t balance</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1753</code></a>]
-          Cacheurl plugin improvements</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1763</code></a>]
-          Please add an Arch Linux config.layout</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1771</code></a>]
-          add http_load to the build</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1772</code></a>]
-          Remove multiple TS_INLINE defines</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1778</code></a>]
-          remove extensions.config support </li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1783</code></a>]
-          Eliminate the wpad.dat configuration option (it&#39;s unused)</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1796</code></a>]
-          remove cluster connection number change handler because of cluster connection number
= (base on) cluster thread number</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1797</code></a>]
-          when ts start, maybe some clusterHandlers is null. So we can scan all clusterHandlers
in ClusterHandler *ClusterMachine::pop_ClusterHandler().</li>
-<h2 id="3.3.1Improvements">Improvements</h2>
+<h2 id="3.3.2NewFeatures">New Features</h2>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-960</code></a>]
-         Make &quot;error documents&quot; templatable to the administrator</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1261</code></a>]
-         enable keepalive/chunking when transforming from cache</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1307</code></a>]
-         Enable using client IP family for server connection</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1340</code></a>]
-         It&#39;s very unclear that one needs to list ipv4 and ipv6 ports separately
in records.config</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1418</code></a>]
-         Add automake file to Metalink plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1431</code></a>]
-         the gzip plugin needs cleanup and refactoring</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1443</code></a>]
-         add enable-gzip option for gzip plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1450</code></a>]
-         add gzip to automake</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1464</code></a>]
-         mark ink_assert with the noreturn attribute</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1500</code></a>]
-         ssl_multicert.config specify sslcert per port</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1503</code></a>]
-         Split in_the_prot_queue of Event to in_the_prot_queue and in_the_atomic_list, this
will optimize ProtectedQueue::remove and make the logic clearer</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1532</code></a>]
-         esi plugin does not support cookie sub keys</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1534</code></a>]
-         implement the interim cache for ESI parser result</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1548</code></a>]
-         Update documentation for ip_allow.config</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1549</code></a>]
-         Drop MakeErrorVA, enabling body_factory by default</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1560</code></a>]
-         plugins need memory barriers for ARM</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1561</code></a>]
-         Enhancements on ESI plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1599</code></a>]
-         set OpenSSL allocator with CRYPTO_set_mem_functions</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1601</code></a>]
-         HttpServerSession::release don&#39;t close ServerSession if ServerSessionPool
locking contention</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1607</code></a>]
-         decouple SSL certificate lookup</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1608</code></a>]
-         IpAllow should use standard config update</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1614</code></a>]
-         Make Traffic Servers self-generated Output UTF-8</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1617</code></a>]
-         Build cacheurl when experimental plugins are enabled</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1619</code></a>]
-         simplify ConfigurationProcessor reconfiguration pattern</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1621</code></a>]
-         Adopt ConfigUpdateHandler pattern</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1626</code></a>]
-         remove WUTS proxy code</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1630</code></a>]
-         Add Lua API for TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusGet</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1667</code></a>]
-         remove unused enum TSIOBufferDataFlags</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1678</code></a>]
-         Unnecessary lock releasing in RecRegisterStat()</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1679</code></a>]
-         channel_stats plugin: count 5xx response and clean up code</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1741</code></a>]
-         add plugins examples to the build</li>
-<h2 id="3.3.1NewFeatures">New Features</h2>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1180</code></a>]
-         gzip plugin needs to be configurable for certain file/mime types</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1270</code></a>]
-         why can&#39;t we force local cache in clustering mode?</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1301</code></a>]
-         Expose the internal milestone timers via TSAPI</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1616</code></a>]
-         authorization proxy plugin</li>
-<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1675</code></a>]
-         Adding api TSHttpTxnClientIncomingPortSet</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1789</code></a>]
-          Script to compare default values with</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1356</code></a>]
-          ability to set thread affinity to a cpu</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1423</code></a>]
-          Blind tunneling of garbage/invalid requests when using transparent interception</li>
+<li>[<a href=""><code>TS-1730</code></a>]
-          Supporting First Byte Flush for ESI plugin</li>
 <p>More details are also in the <a href=";a=blob;f=CHANGES;hb=dc3f8ffaa9e44c1ad319f6560f4777276c8d6f0f">CHANGES
 The Jira release notes are also <a href=";version=12321686">available</a>.
@@ -303,6 +253,14 @@ and <code>etc/trafficserver/internal/hos
 <li>Backport part of TS-322 that deals with indexing arrays with char (author: Marcus
Ruckert) [<a href=""><code>TS-334</code></a>]</li>
 <li>Backport TS-336 to 2.0.x. Problems with make install DESTDIR</li>
+<h1 id="3.3.1">Archived (developer, unstable) Release -- 3.3.1</h1>
+<p>Apache Traffic Server 3.3.1 was released on March 14, 2013.
+ [<a href=""><code>PGP</code></a>]
+ [<a href=""><code>MD5</code></a>]
+ [<a href=""><code>SHA1</code></a>]</p>
+<p><a href=""
class="download_ts">Traffic Server 3.3.1</a></p>
+<p>More details are also in the <a href=";a=blob;f=CHANGES;hb=e2aff41f8d68144a0e90b1412c6006b784769af4">CHANGES
+The Jira release notes are also <a href=";version=12321745">available</a>.
 <h1 id="3.3.0">Archived (developer, unstable) Release -- 3.3.0</h1>
 <p>Apache Traffic Server 3.3.0 was released on September 7, 2012.
  [<a href=""><code>PGP</code></a>]

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