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From COURTAULT Francois <>
Subject RE: TomEE Stable and OpenJDK
Date Mon, 14 May 2018 12:16:39 GMT
Hello Mark,

Thanks a lot for sharing the TomEE roadmap.

My main concerns about TomEE are:
    -  java 9 and above support (java 10 and 11)
    - JavaEE 8 specification support
    - µProfile follow up: no TomEE µProfile released yet whereas others exist today like
Payara micro, Wildfly Swarm for example.

So first, java 9 and above support: when you say 7.0.5 in preparation right now, could you
provide us please a release date ?
Second, I have another question: TomEE 7.1.x will address µProfile 1.3, right ? So why, TomEE
8.x won't address µProfile 1.3 at starting point ?

Best regards.

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From: Mark Struberg []
Sent: dimanche 6 mai 2018 13:11
Subject: Re: TomEE Stable and OpenJDK

I'm running it in production with OpenJDK.

Actually whenever you have some RHEL server then you will run on OpenJDK.
So those days everything which is in the Linux server area will almost certainly run perfectly
fine on OpenJDK.


> Am 06.05.2018 um 12:10 schrieb Fredrik Jonson <>:
> Mark Struberg wrote:
>> I think what the download page fails to communicate is which EE level
>> it addresses.
>> TomEE-1.7.x adresses the JavaEE 6 specifications, with minimum
>> requirement
>> Java7 (up to Java8)
>> TomEE-7.0.x adresses JavaEE 7, with minimum Java7, soon up to Java11
>> (7.0.5 in preparation right now)
>> TomEE-7.1.x (wip) will address JavaEE7 + MicroProfile 1.3 with
>> minimum Java8 TomEE-8.0.x (wip) will address JavaEE8 + MicroProfile
>> 1.0 with minimum Java8
> Thanks for that clarification. It may seem obvious to people in the
> know, but it is interesting to see a statement on the upper bound of
> supported JDK/JRE version, as well as the lower bound. In addition to
> the supported Java EE version range, for the major Tomee versions.
> Now, just to be explicit here: Apart from EE certification, does the
> Tomee community consider OpenJDK on equal footing to OracleJDK when it
> comes to Tomee deployment? Is there any important reason not to
> recommend OpenJDK over, or at least on par with, OracleJDK?
> I'm asking because I still encounter a bit of hesitation towards
> migrating from OracleJDK to OpenJDK. It would be helpful if open
> source projects such as Tomee made a clear stance on OpenJDK.
> BTW, I also run Tomee 7.x on OpenJDK 8, and have not found any issues
> compared to OracleJDK. So, now we know there are more than one
> application deployed on Tomee and OpenJDK. :)
> --
> Fredrik Jonson

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