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Subject Migration step of jtaManaged flag in context resources
Date Wed, 09 May 2018 13:05:41 GMT
Hi all,


I haven been trying to migrate from TomEE 1.7.5 to 7.0.4 but I am currently stuck with the
following problem:


We have DataSources defined in webapp’s META-INF/context.xml as Tomcat <Resource>
and there _was_ a flag called jtaManaged which apparently doesn’t exist in Tomcat 8.5 anymore.
Problem is our persistence units are still JTA managed, so what I see in the log is:


org.apache.openejb.config.AutoConfig deploy Found matching datasource: XXX but this one is
not a JTA datasource


An hence TomEE does the following:

org.apache.openejb.config.AutoConfig setJtaDataSource Adjusting PersistenceUnit Auditing <jta-data-source>
to Resource ID 'Default JDBC Database' from 'XXX

org.apache.openejb.config.AutoConfig setNonJtaDataSource Adjusting PersistenceUnit Auditing
<non-jta-data-source> to Resource ID 'Default Unmanaged JDBC Database' from 'null'


How can I define a DataSource inside context.xml which is still JTA managed? Or what is the
correct way to migrate such a scenario? Wrapping it in JTADataSourceWrapperFacory?


Thanks in advance and best



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