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From Markus Lutum <>
Subject RE: OpenEJB vs JBoss
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 09:01:52 GMT
Hi Gil.

Maybe I have a little bit another opinion on this like the core developers because I am a
user :-)

At my current customer we uses Jboss since version 3.x so more than 8 years I think. Current
productive system is using 4.2.3 and we currently try to migrate to JBoss 7.1 which is a big
I think Jboss is perfect for bigger scale applications because of all the features like clustering,
tons of well proven service libraries for REST, JMS, JSF or WS in general. Also the implementation
of the EJB Specs are driven by the reference implementation Hibernate. Specially this has
tons of "specials" if the spec does not solve detailed performance issues for example.
But the main pro is the good documentation the very huge community and a big company behind
it. Redhat wants to earn money with the supported version so they hire a lot well known experts
around the world to join the implementation team.
Once I had some special issues with the JMS Implementation 1.4.x. Via the User forum I helped
a lot to find the Bugs and also had quick IRC Chats with the main lead Tim Fox. The next builds
contained the bugfixes and so my problems were solved.

But I also have to tell another story PRO OpenEJB.
A subproject needs to run on an embedded device. This has a very slow CPU and only 128 MB
Jboss and glassfish were no options because of the resources so I played with openejb (3.1.4)
On this device I had already a java application running so to save the VM overhead I added
my own starter service which starts openejb in the same vm.
It was a little bit tricky to solve some classloader issues but currently I have my administration
application (with about 20 session beans, 15 entities and some singleton services) up and
running inside the embedded openejb.
In addition to that I implemented a ZK Frontend running on a Tomcat 6 which I also start embedded
on demand inside the same VM as well. This frontend then uses JNDI to connect to the openejb
Works like a charm.
This device is going live in a couple of weeks. So currently everything is stable there....

So to summarize:
Jboss is the better container for bigger productive systems because of the power, development
speed, reliability and community size.
Openejb works perfect and for small projects I still want to use it.

And of course.... This is only my opinion
Sorry Romain :-) You all do great jobs but without 1.000.000 $ Development Budget it's hard
to win the race....

Markus Lutum
JEE developer since decades :-)

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From: Gil Teitelbaum []
Sent: Donnerstag, 15. März 2012 08:01
Subject: OpenEJB vs JBoss


Our company is trying to pick between JBoss and OpenEJB for a J2EE application that would
use both EJB and JMS/MDBs for a production environment.

Would anyone be able to tell me the pros and cons of using one or the other?



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