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From kazak777 <>
Subject Re: Locating JMS queue problem
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 13:21:25 GMT
I tried to inject, but it didn't work. Nothing is injected. Perhaps I'm doing
something wrong (i never used EJBs before). Here is part of my code where I
tried to inject queue:

@Stateful(name = "Scenario")
public class ScenarioBean implements Scenario {

    @Resource(name = "jms/MonitoringQueue")
    private Destination destination;

    public void setDestination(Destination destination) {
        this.destination = destination;


Here is part of test log:

INFO - Configuring Service(id=jms/MonitoringQueue, type=Resource,
provider-id=Default Queue)
DEBUG - Override [destination=jms/ProcessMonitoring]
INFO - Auto-linking resource-ref 'java:comp/env/jms/MonitoringQueue' in bean
Scenario to Resource(id=jms/MonitoringQueue)

Variable 'destination' remains null. As you can see, resource
'jms/MonitoringQueue' binds to 'java:comp/env/jms/MonitoringQueue'.
Destination of ProcessMonitoringBean binds to

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