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From Michael Redlich <>
Subject Re: Welcome Daniel Dias Dos Santos as TomEE committer!
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2020 09:37:06 GMT
Congratulations, Daniel!  This is awesome!


On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 6:47 PM David Blevins <>

> Dear community,
> Please share your thanks to Daniel Dias Dos Santos who has been invited by
> the TomEE PMC as a committer!
> Thank you, Daniel, for all you've given the project with your many many
> PRs.  You are indeed a big force behind our translation efforts.
> Much more than that, thank you so much for all your effort helping to
> enable others to contribute to the project.  It's a rare thing.
> Many people new on an open source project limit their participation.  If
> someone asks a question, they think, "Someone who knows more should
> probably answer that."  If someone asks how they can help, they think,
> "Someone with more authority should probably answer that." If someone
> submits a PR, they think, "Someone with more experience/commit should
> probably review that."
> Reject that line of thinking.  It doesn't help you or the project.
> The people you view as more capable and with more authority view
> themselves as servants.  Servants that are just doing the best they can.
> You don't need permission or authority to be a servant.  When you show
> willingness and bravery to help others an also be a servant, you quickly
> become one of their favorite people.
> The trick; it's not about your ability to help, it's about the person who
> needs help.  Focus on them, not on you.
> It's not "do I know everything about x", it's "do I know anything about x
> that can help this person."  If there's any small thing you can do to help
> them, do it.  If you see they are not getting a response, then you have a
> wide open range of ways to help them; basically anything that isn't
> silence.  Even a simple, "I'm new here too, but happy to team up and learn
> together.  I can't figure out x, do you have any ideas?"
> Thank you, Daniel, for having the bravery to help so many on the project.
> You are now going to cross a magical line were people are going to look at
> you and think, "we sure, he can help/do/contribute like that because he's a
> committer.  I'm not so I can't."
> Your new job is to convince them otherwise :)
> --
> David Blevins

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