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From David Blevins <>
Subject @ManagedBean support
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 12:41:22 GMT
Been looking at support for the java ee 6 @ManagedBean.  Essentially,  
this is a stateful bean without the ability to have @Remove,  
@TransactionManagement, @RolesAllowed, @ConcurrencyManagement,  
@Schedule, @Asynchronous etc.  But it can use @Resource and related EE  
injection annotations, @PostConstruct/@PreDestroy, and interceptors.   
It's created on lookup or injection just like a Stateful bean and its  
lifecycle is the same.

Creating a container for it would basically entail copying the  
stateful container and making a few additions to the deployment  
system.  Pretty much identical to when we made the singleton container  
which is a copy of the stateless container.

All that is really fairly easy.  The innovative part comes in finding  
clean ways to add back in the @TransactionManagement, @RolesAllowed,  
@ConcurrencyManagement, @Schedule, @Asynchronous etc should a user  
want any of them.  By default they would *not* be there, but we have  
all the code to do those functionalities (except some of the new ejb  
3.1 stuff) and it really is just a matter of finding a clean way to  
design it internally.


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