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Subject [tomee-tck] branch master created (now 6ccb20e)
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2019 22:50:01 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

dblevins pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 6ccb20e  Merging openejb and tomee tck history

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new b921810  attempting to move our setup into a trunk dir
     new 6a8cfbf  moving files to a subdirectory 'trunk'
     new b9fae72  updated readme for new 'trunk' path
     new b457460  Lame but functional way to get something like the webprofile
     new 569069a  Little file to contain at least some kind of status we can track
     new ca5981c  Perl script to analyze java log info and help focus fixes
     new 69213b3  We were getting classpath conflicts with other groovy files in the classpath
also having the name 'commands.SetupCommand.groovy'.  That's what caused the localRepository
issue as I'm sure that version getting executed needed that property. Repackaged ours to avoid
the conflict.
     new fc03761  Seems this is no longer in maven central
     new 6b686ed  added detail message to assert statement
     new 8aab83a  Updated sections for java ee 6
     new c825a64  need to add snaps repo
     new 25c43dc  New flags:  -c for maven clean  -U for maven -U (update snapshots)
     new 69b9ddd  rework of clean and update options
     new 63678d7  yanked mistaken echo statement
     new 23d491f  Converted to hsql syntax.  Was still in the original pointbase form
     new 34800df  Install the persistence tables
     new 19fdd0e  yanked mistakenly added lines
     new 36177e5  reformatted
     new 7b44ec3  Seems to load now
     new 23bc8fa  Update to 7.0.8 and expanded default deployment id
     new 06aab48  Greatly expanded
     new ae28266  Use the openejb-lite jar for the embedded tests
     new 37e8b49  Jack up the retries on server connects and enable verbose logging
     new 8f9d972  Add some missing versions Refactor the whole pom Make it more reproducible
and usable behind a company proxy
     new 7012bd0  Update to latest trunk release
     new b5000e7  update version to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 90e871b  Can cut the issues to the top X number
     new dcb858d  not sure how up to date this is, but checking it in
     new 6bffeaf  Seem to recall I used this to generate a list of packages for the
     new b7e1d6d  don't need this with gbuild
     new 1555442  Some notes on how this file was created
     new 07ba16c  Update the version to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
     new a9494ba  don't need this directory anymore
     new 149144e  new path is apache-openejb-$version
     new 52b12fa  fixed the classpath of the embedded test harness
     new a35a339  TomEE Maven artifact has been renamed
     new 000b897  Didn't mean to commit this line
     new 29c7ac9  Also filter openejb version in the so that's easier
to change and maintain.
     new 191680c  Fix CNFE for EL TCK part (adding jasper-el.jar to the classpath)
     new d55dda0  Descriptor for running the web profile tests
     new 6b1635b  triggers new ec2 run
     new 167476b  triggering new build
     new 0d23677  triggering new build
     new 94873e5  triggering new build
     new 3ce99db  Also filter openejb version in the so that's easier
to change and maintain.
     new b769a85  Some TomEE configs... not yet hooked in
     new d4f9a8b  Use the TomEE in the web profile runs
     new 3626e05  Temporarily switch back to tomcat version
     new e8d1598  Fix Tomcat profile after addition of OpenEJBListener to server.xml
     new e7e48b0  triggering new build
     new fdb8106  fully updated to use the TomEE setup
     new db95942  triggering new build
     new 52bd814  PoolSize property does not make sense for the STATEFUL container
     new c6c8682  Use the openejb svn repo version of tomcat
     new 9d056a5  Move TCK over to use Derby instead of HSQL
     new 130e2b7  Use the el variable mapper
     new a636aa6  triggering new build
     new 245e623  Missed file on previous commit, whoops
     new a73a668  Use INTEGER instead of CHAR to keep openjpa happy, and match Derby version
to new version in OpenEJB
     new 1e6b0e1  Remove unnecessary web applications coming with TomEE
     new 59477e9  Disable CXF and HSQL services as we don't need them for TCKs
     new f984e18  Change Derby DS names in openejb.xml to match application name Also change
HSQL to Derby in as it's required for the connector
     new 6b72798  newest excludes
     new 8f7e2a1  triggering new build
     new 667c952  Put the long tests in the front of the queue.  Add some fake tests on the
     new b223fae  triggering new build
     new cf34bfe  add openjpa.jdbc.SchemaFactory=native(ForeignKeys=true) property
     new 3dd5f1f  triggering new build
     new 8ac2fbe  Deploy connectors for TCK tests
     new 85e117a  Deploy all rar files
     new f0b821f  triggering new build
     new 94932c5  Added communication information
     new fa6f822  triggering new build
     new 76b7214  update info for the latest tck version
     new 5dd892c  quick flag for building against a completely clean repo
     new b64eb2e  modifying to make the setup work on windows - tests are failing but they
run - still need some work
     new c0217ba  removing cygwin modifications since the issues on windows seems linked to
javatest and not openejb-tck
     new c959234  updating derby ddl persistence for a missing column
     new b7bab65  adding some colors to runtests
     new ff46e75  triggering new build
     new 2ec2adb  adding openejb-client to to have remote initial context
factory at the classpath
     new d7d5758  triggering new build
     new 4041320  triggering new build
     new 0b1665e  yanking invalid items -- they don't help with activemq "stuck" queue issues
     new ed81739  really jack up the wait time for server start
     new 1fe07bf  adding openjpa sequence table to ddl for auto generated ids
     new c76db03  fixing MapsId value in ddl for test com/sun/ts/tests/ejb30/persistence/annotations/mappedbyid
     new 7fcb77f  adding compatibility for openjpa to force 'StrictIdentityValues'
     new 9f35d13  update excludes
     new 974fc7f  reformatted
     new dd82660  connector, jaxrs and jaxws stuff ported blindly from the geronimo setup
no idea if it works
     new 2ea7959  fixing jaxrs replacements
     new c379a20  fixing persistence ddl for derivedId tests
     new f11820d  Use the property instead of an hardcoded version
     new 74a20bd  adding DB1 to embed mode
     new 69eef9a  adding property to convert some jpa vender dependent properties
     new 00c596b  it seems sun descriptors were never kept when it was at ear level
     new 61c7941  adding jar:file:<module>!lib/*.jar to app classpath
     new bfb6812  accidentally clobbered the 'clean' flag
     new 8965d07  removing ear!lib/*.jar from CP since it seems to break too much tests
     new 70a52f2  adding the now required --connector flag
     new 2215f04  add a call to svn info -- could maybe be done with a flag
     new d34bc0b  activating crosscontext for some servlet tests
     new 87c240d  increase memory a bit for at least one run
     new 8aaf614  increase memory a bit more
     new 363653f  activating more option of the openjpa compatibility mode
     new 66fb2e1  typo in previous commit
     new 0f4cbec  Increase the @AccessTimeout of the singleton concurrency tests Ensure derby
is on the classpath of the embedded container and proper datasource is setup
     new adb90c9  removing buildSchema for CTS-EM since it breaks more than it fixes
     new c4949ac  re-activating different buildSchema
     new 7c82c37  triggering new build
     new 0884cb0  adding openejb.jsessionid-support property
     new 68cee0e  re-activating the session in tomee since it fixes less tests than it breaks
     new 18c9303  endorsing embeded setup
     new bed2e67  finally found there was 2 endorsed dir set in embed time i'll
hack eyes open ;)
     new 2cc1a1f  cut out the jstl dependency. don't run connector tests in the main webprofile
     new 73c5da1  yank svn maven repo
     new c6033d8  Overrides for datasource tests
     new 8d1ed7f  quick little util for looking at the logs
     new 0731862  august excludes
     new 8c2387b  settings a user for the certificate test
     new 707b83f  forcing web.xml major version to 3 to froce tomcat to scan servlet 3 annotations
     new 4b4e230  adding encoding to avoid a warning when running test
     new 7653f72  update since we can manage web app maj version for each app
     new 6b85e0f  Changing stack size in the hope it'll allow us to start more threads for
     new 709b2d6  Reverting previous commit as it seems to make things worse
     new 435cc1c  deploy derby don't start jms
     new ae228c8  split some tests into smaller groups
     new c60e5cd  try a run with default memory settings
     new b406bde  updated to point to new home path (apache-tomee-webprofile)
     new 9b456f7  added headers (rat did) don't output descriptors. don't enable conversion
of legacy openejb2 descriptors (saves on permgen)
     new 5796eba  update version (4.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT) and classifier (webprofile)
     new f522223  OPENEJB-1697: TomEE related renaming
     new a8c6f8a  updated tomee version, renamed openejb-tomact -> tomee
     new 2e4b84a  reformatted
     new 79ee264  update project version
     new 6a5e26d  Use webapp-based deployer for TCK
     new ad20c7f  updated version
     new ea69435  using project.version instead of the old version maven varaible
     new a17d4e9  update versions
     new 396976f  update version
     new 08dc3d7  openejb webapp is now called tomee
     new b4a9430  fixing version / folder to make it run again...but it seems we got some
memory issues
     new 073d474  adding memory
     new fd39950  missed import
     new 35b47ef  reformatted
     new 12ef378  without it goes faster but it fails :s
     new 8bda099  resetting to default memory settings - need trunk to be merged with generated
descriptor branch before using it
     new 8b33f2c  tomee brings a configuration file called tomee.xml and not openejb.xml.
Openejb.xml is only read if tomee.xml doesn't exist (for now a single main conf file is simpler
than allowing a lot of conf file). Simply renaming tomee.xml to replace the existing file.
     new 0f10cab  increasing stateful test timeout
     new a102e60  configuring tomee-plus profile and adding a profile to be able to skip SQL
     new 163278c  oops fixing ValidateCommand, it shouldnt validate openejb.home
     new ec99efb  start of some tomee-plus tck setup for ec2
     new 0a346d1  Add the connector tests to tomee-plus
     new f92ac23  make sure we're pointing at tomee-plus and not tomee
     new b17de0c  Added some instructions on how to add to this file
     new 1c994dc  add some sections of the ejb30 tck not in
     new 7d37e29  more tests not in web profile
     new 3488c98  adding config for tomee-plus
     new 6ca3fc6  setup the tomee-plus container using src/test/tomee-plus
     new 2721517  might be nice to run the full tck once in a while (maybe once a week or
     new de14bb1  had the wrong flags in there
     new adb1e8d  add jaxrs -j flag
     new a0fe9ad  Adjustments for TOMEE-163
     new e12fec2  add jax-rs to the webprofile set of tests
     new 1dc7637  skipping exception when duplicate names. comes from the same mapped name
used in several webapps deployed at the same moment.
     new 449b9b9  using hash in app name makes tck failing...reverting
     new 0ed4337  same error than for webprofile properties. failing on jndi collision is
     new ea11a2e  using hash shouldn't be done since it changes jndi names
     new 5a4c8d1  Updated for trunk versions (4.1.0-SNAPSHOT and 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT)
     new e6f2a16  added ability to source a script before running tests, print the environment,
and skip colors
     new 296178c  env script for jdk 7 in ec2
     new 4e9bbae  add webprofile setup for java 7 in EC2
     new 0d98acf  change project id to 3 (2 was used by plus)
     new 011bb34  Added getParentLogger for Java 7 compat
     new 2b048fe  dumping jar in lib at startup
     new 3e6e817  printing some stats by test line, could be nice to get the total test number
     new 8517a2c  new trunk versions
     new 5f9b898  Updating versions for display purposes in EC2
     new c98df4f  no need of ROOT app
     new 15f39b4  Ensure the TCK harness log port is in
     new b68919b  Upgrade tomcat version to 7.0.32 (even if we don't really use it)
     new ded1660  Using the port defined in the pom to start Derby Reading the javadoc helps
starting it properly :D
     new 288ac84  Make multiple TCK instances running on the same machin.
     new 360c386  using new snapshot versions
     new 1c54a0d  Switch to 1.8-SNAPSHOT which has
     new 11a2e45  using released version since snapshot is nowhere
     new 77a8a09  Fixed a file-based issue with running multiple TCKs concurrently on the
same JVM.  All instances where hitting the same tck.home/tmp/ dir and clobbering each other.
 Moved it to target/harnesstmp/
     new 01d9511  updated the version number
     new a416a71  updating versions
     new f7989a8  adjustments for very slow machines
     new 3c5d9fb  documentation for TCK
     new 44a9371  no need to run sql scripts for this test
     new 196be0d  experiment: saved a clean and seutp derbydb to just unpack -- could potentially
save hours of machine time
     new 09effe5  attempt to split up into smaller chunks for more efficient parallelization
     new 7ec0a14  unzip quietly
     new fa85444  Rebalanced the groupings removing all tasks that had less than ten tests.
Several of the tasks only ran one test which hardly justifies the setup cost. Tasks that had
less than 10 tests were grouped into new groups containing near 20 tests. Takes us from 757
tasks to 434 tasks
     new 876cab2  use snapshot of build helper plugin and add snapshot repo
     new 1de226c  restore to previous "long" number of tasks. will attempt
to refine more manually
     new 3bbb5af  pick a random port for the harness.log.port
     new d568daa  pick a random port for the harness.log.port
     new 22b7904  split the timeout tests into smaller buckets.  brings test time from 6.5
hours to 2.5 hours
     new 225de91  Doesn't appear to be necessary to copy files into the tck.home/bin/ dir
directly.  Certainly not good for running multiple TCK tests in parallel on one machine
     new 396ba73  increase test timeout
     new 08ff183  updating repo location
     new 405178d  flag to kill any previously running java processes
     new fd79a51  flag to kill any previously running java processes
     new 642272e  print all options debug info on flag to kill any previously running java
     new db2f9f5  increased timeout
     new 0dbf9e8  switch to bash and attempt to use a login shell
     new 63d2bd2  new version
     new ad5d9ad  updating versions for the report
     new d13b2d5  removing constraints OpenJPA 2.3 doesn't expect anymore - checking with
OpenJPA guys why we need it
     new 6808e70  updating to last tomee snapshot
     new f59fd6c  next tomee/openejb version
     new 0162a5f  forcing load of tcks classes
     new 92fb976  setup for tomee-plume binaries
     new d179698  use appendAll vs append
     new 09b4f75  adding target db and verbose logging. We'll want to remove the second one
     new 4b040ea  updated links to tck files
     new 8c3fd65  updated mailing list name
     new f948e83  upgrade derby version
     new e6bdea9  Make sure schema is consistent. Ignores. Typos.
     new 5530b34  Revert to CHAR
     new f8cd94d  upgrade derby version
     new e42ee2d  Add openjpa.jdbc.DBDictionary = derby(storeCharsAsNumbers=false)
     new 4a7a090  updated cache of clean derby db
     new a920d29  Derby Supports BOOLEAN
     new 5d76d64  yank db initialization optimization
     new 3377a8d  Derby version and username SA
     new 2fc8e46  Add SET SCHEMA APP; to ensure we use the same schema as the specified user.
     new 20611bf  Bit_In procs require a SMALLINT as the tests were designed for an older
(pre 10.7) derby.
     new d9400bc  groovy-maven-plugin 2.0 groovy-all 2.2.1
     new 74d23bf  back to user cts for derby
     new 1a3a93b  system property not available from project properties so forcing it in pom
     new 542ea18  propagating tests syst prop too + upgrading tomcat version
     new 23d287a  forcing syst props in project properties since we rely too much on it
     new 7371d17  extra profile for running all the webprofile tests on tomee-plus
     new 3b2b07a  revert back to gmaven 1.3 as our scripts don't work with 2.0 no target/logs/javatest.log
is created.  this file drives the tck results in EC2 the upgrade was forced by the apache-tomee:webprofile:zip
dep pulling in groovy 2.0 that's been excluded now.
     new 480df69  back to smallint since openjpa handles it as boolean, we need to check thats
ok with tcks but at least this validates we don't have regressions
     new cbac40a  using to try to make tcks happy again, this is no more aligned
with sql scripts and we need to figure out where is the issue but better to be able to check
regressions for now
     new de476c3  using tck sql scripts + a derby version close to tck one + tck dbprocedures.jar
since it was updated to support booleans
     new 959b105  starting to yank constraints - was regressions from openjpa 2.3 + logging
mvn version of tcks
     new a34cc5b  add some info on tck and ri version
     new 7eb2559  reusing, this zip seems to have some great sql we don't track
anymore on trunk
     new 0b493a4  back to old dbprocedures which was using short which matched smallint in
     new d1a1c44  using released build plugin
     new 9981cad  tomcat needs the right version to be able to check webxml and we shoudln't
need this hack anymore
     new af247b7  no need of jaxrs config for webprofile
     new bb06ab1  hard revert of sql script, derbydb cache and derby version
     new d2be2fa  forcing to load derby from container, doesn't change that much things but
ensure we don't have side effect on this
     new b4bf993  dml are fast to be generated so not a big issue to force it for now
     new 1e783c0  char should be char
     new 8be6749  caching back derbydb and adding a prop to reset dml cache marker
     new 7eb4155  no need of web xml version for plus distrib too
     new f99cd0b  forcing javaee.home
     new 548065c  trying to ensure jaxrs_impl_lib is correct
     new 9dd74b3  Fix the JAX RS profile by overriding default jersey provider with cxf
     new 48f36cb  openejb.web.xml.major=3 should be commented now
     new fbf0c0a  ec2 trigger
     new c3e75be  URL
     new 188395d  Using 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 0e8dde3  Ready for jdk8
     new 1589d88  triggering new build
     new 64a01a9  Versions
     new 14cfe39  Versions
     new 57e1b5e  using amq broker dependency
     new feb75ab  we need to run on java 7 - hopefully the jvm is still here
     new 30c1232  broker
     new ae6eb58  Revert poms
     new 3cfcf0c  This has to be right, need to figure out what the old deps are for?
     new 770db5e  ActiveMQ client
     new 17359f4  activemq-openwire-legacy
     new 867466c  Revert to old version
     new 2435402  activemq
     new 3bc7c71  using same tomcat as tomee
     new 2ebc102  allow to run locally
     new 81f0cd1  better default to run tck correctly on ec2 and locally
     new 5c9435f  Update
     new db76cee  Versions
     new 6e394ad  scm
     new 7e38aaf  Versions
     new 4b606e6  Versions
     new a9a561c  Version
     new c79a2aa  Version
     new 2590ed3  SCM
     new b32c8fe  Finals and format
     new 75c7f74  Remove JasperListener
     new 9de7ee6  name
     new f31a50b  Versions
     new c290f5a  JDK path
     new 65bcf85  TODO.txt
     new df38368  Schedule
     new aec7244  Update to latest
     new 5fb0309  Enable remote by default
     new 627c89d  1.7.3-SNAPSHOT
     new 1bb963d  For eventual Git mirror
     new 4f4c5ce  Update versions
     new 91239a5  
     new 4e32da6  Move properties
     new 2ea74a3  Update properties
     new 94792fd  Version
     new 22e1724  supporting to run tomee with another JVM than the maven one
     new 9ef9a6a  ec2jdk9 script
     new e5c4f66  fixing reverse command package, adding some java 9 options to java test
     new 7827b43  adding
     new 23462fd  fixing webprofile-jdk9 config - we don't need to cron it for now
     new 4787f8b  don't forget to add tomee version in ec2jdk9 while we run a snapshot
     new 4dc2c48  TomEE 7.x
     new 568e0cb  Derby 10.12.11 for Java 6/7
     new 3333805  7.0.4-SNAPSHOT
     new 1390bbe  7.0.4-SNAPSHOT
     new 4c56ef4  Fix properties
     new 628aa45  Always update snapshots
     new 6ccb20e  Merging openejb and tomee tck history

The 315 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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