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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: RFC7807 ErrorReportValve
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2020 09:28:40 GMT
Am 2020-07-02 um 21:30 schrieb Thomas Meyer:
> Hi,
> What are your opinions on providing a RFC7807 based ErrorReportValve as part of Tomcat
default distribution?

Thomas, this has been bugging me for a while. Let me share some thoughts 
on this, I'll limit my experiences with Tomcat, Spring Web and Zalando 
Problem (including it's web module):

Mark, please correct me if my citation of the Servlet API is wrong.

* The Servlet API has been designed where the only clients where browsers
* The Servlet API mandates that all invocations of 
HttpServletResponse#setError() must yield in a HTML page and this 
*cannot* be changed by defult
* Even if you write a REST API or explicitly use @RestController Spring 
will still invoke #setError() although it makes no sense. I consider 
this to be a conceptual flaw in the Spring framework.

Before we continue which issue do you want to solve? Tomcat produced 
errors or by a framework?  As for the framework, I would prefer to file 
an issue with Spring Framework first and see what the devs say because 
this would solely solve a symptom.


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