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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Problem with JarScanFilter, maybe a bug?
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2020 21:48:30 GMT
On 01/07/2020 20:28, Vitor Medina Cruz wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 3:19 PM Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>> On 01/07/2020 18:09, Vitor Medina Cruz wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 7:46 AM Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>>>> On 30/06/2020 14:19, Vitor Medina Cruz wrote:
>>>>>  Hello,
>>>>> I am trying to configure Tomcat in a way that it makes SCI scan only
>>>>> jars I explicitly specify to. I followed instructions from
>> in
>>>>> both Tomcat 8 and 9, but with no success. I posted a question on
>>>>> stackoverflow that explains more in detail what I did:
>>>>> And I also found other unanswered questions pointing to the same
>> problem,
>>>>> here is one example:
>>>>> .
>>>>> The thing is that it is looking like an error to me because logs tells
>>>> that
>>>>> scanning is done as configured — if I add a jar for scanning in
>>>>> JarScanFilter, the log show it is scanned, if I remove it, the log stop
>>>>> reporting it's scanning — but after that, no matter what configuration
>> I
>>>>> made with JarScanFilter, the WebappServiceLoader loads servlet
>> annotated
>>>>> classes, such as @WebListener.
>>>> The JarScanner machinery handles annotation and TLD scanning.
>>>> WebappServiceLoader handles SCIs which are handled under the standard
>>>> service loader mechanism. SCIs can load classes.
>>>>> Any leads? Ideas? Anyone can confirm if that is an error or if I am
>> using
>>>>> the functionality wrongly or if I understand it wrongly.
>>>> It looks like you aren't preventing the SCIs from being loaded.
>>>> The specification isn't as clear as it could be here and there are still
>>>> a few gaps. That is being worked on at Eclipse. A useful summary of the
>>>> current position can be found at:
>>>> The simplest way to block the Servlet 3 pluggability features is:
>>>> 1. Add metadata-complete="true" to the web-app element in web.xml
>>>>    (disables annotation scanning for deploy time annotations -
>>>>     Servlet 3.1, 8.1)
>>>> 2. Add <absolute-ordering></absolute-ordering> to web.xml
>>>>    (disables any SCIs - Servlet 3.1, 8.2.2.d)
>>>> Mark
>>> Thanks. I, however, don't want to block all Servlet 3 pluggability as
>> there
>>> are frameworks already being made with no way of configuring it other
>> than
>>> that....
>> You can always explicitly define configuration in web.xml.
>>> I would like to selectively choose which jars to be scanned in
>>> order to avoid performance issues and rogue classes to be loaded. As is
>>> seems, nor Servlet specification nor Tomcat in specific provides a way of
>>> doing that, is that correct?
>> No.
>> Scanning != SCI loading.
>> Scanning for deployment annotations can be controlled by the JarScanner.
>> SCI loading can be controlled by an <absolute-ordering> element that
>> includes the JARs from which you do want to load SCIs.
> But how can SCI loading takes place without scanning? That was what I
> thought when I tried to control SCI loads, if I didn't scan any class at
> all then no SCI should be loaded since no annotations will be found, but
> that is not the case, so SCI loading must be doing an independent scanning
> on it's own.


SCIs are discovered via the service loader mechanism.

Deployment annotations are discovered via JAR scanning.

These are completely separate mechanisms.

Note that an SCI may load and configure Servlets, Filters, Listeners etc.

> In any way, leaving behind internal machinery, is it possible to define in
> Tomcat which jars should be considered for annotation processing and SCI
> loading, and which not?


JarScanner for deployment annotations.

<absolute-ordering> for SCIs and @HandlesTypes matches.

> I wanna tell Tomcat to only look and load for
> @WebFiler, @WebListener, @WebServlet, @HandlesTypes and etc on specific
> jars. Is that possible?

@WebFiler, @WebListener and @WebServlet are deployment annotations so
scanning for these is controlled by the JarScanner.

If an SCI has an @HandlesTypes annotation then all JARs that are
potential SCI sources will be scanned for matches. To put it another
way, the JarScanner configuration does NOT control the search for
@HandlesTypes matches. Any JAR eligible to provide an SCI will be
scanned for @HandlesTypes. Those JARs are controlled by <absolute-ordering>


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