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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [ANN] ApacheCon NA 2020 is virtual/online, completely free to attend, and call-for-presentations is OPEN!
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2020 14:43:23 GMT
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On 7/8/20 18:37, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> All,
> [Cross-posting to dev@, please reply to users@]
> ApacheCon NA 2020 is now "ApacheCon @Home" due to the COVID-19
> pandemic, and will be held online 29 September - 1 October 2020.
> This is a great opportunity for anyone who has never attended an
> ApacheCon event to make this year their first ApacheCon.
> Registration is FREE (zero-cost).
> For those who have never given a presentation at ApacheCon, this
> is also an opportunity for you to submit a presentation for our
> consideration: the call-for-papers is open and the Tomcat track is
> hoping to fill something like 12 - 36 hours worth of
> presentations, panels, and meet-ups at this conference.
> To register to attend or respond to the call-for-presentations,
> please visit
> Because the conference is being held online, obviously things will
> be a little different than previous events. First, all
> presentations will be streamed live and recorded for later replay
> if you can't make a live-streaming event. "Attendance" for a live
> presentation would mean streaming audio/video and at least a text
> channel by which questions can be asked. I don't believe video is
> supported for attendees (to see e.g. attendees faces) but it may be
> possible to ask questions via audio instead text. I will follow-up
> with the organizers regarding audience participation.
> To accommodate attendees (and presenters!) in various time-zones
> around the world, we will be attempting to schedule live
> presentations in 4-hour blocks at 3 different daily intervals
> throughout the 72-hour event.

To clarify, here are the presentation blocks we are looking to schedule:

4pm - 8pm China time       (0800 - 1200 UTC)
4pm - 8pm East Europe time (1300 - 1700 UTC)
4pm - 8pm West US time     (2300 - 0300 UTC)

(I home my to-UTC math was correct.)

- -chris

> My goal is to encourage each speaker to present their material
> live /twice/ during the event, once in each of two separate
> timezone-centric blocks (e.g. North/South America, Europe/Africa,
> Asia/Oceana) if at all possible, and for several committers to be
> available to "staff" each presentation to introduce speakers,
> provide moderation of questions from the live-audience for the
> speakers, etc.
> Schedules will be announced after the presentations have been
> selected and everything is negotiated with the speakers about when
> they are available.
> If you are already considering submitting a presentation for
> including in ApacheCon 2020, please head-over to the CFP at
> If you aren't sure if you are interested in presenting, or aren't
> sure if you have the experience, knowledge, etc. to warrant a
> position as a speaker, please consider the following:
> 1. This is a welcoming community 2. This community exists to serve
> YOU 3. You are a part of this community 4. Helping others within
> the community encourages others to do the same 5. If you'd prefer
> to pre-record your presentation, we can handle that 6. Topics can
> be very wide-ranging. Here are some examples of presentations from
> previous ApacheCon events:
> [From Committers / directly about Tomcat] - Running Apache Tomcat
> on GraalVM - Tomcat in clusters and clouds - Using Let's Encrypt
> with Tomcat - Securing Tomcat - Reverse-proxying Tomcat - Load
> balancing with Tomcat - Clustering with Tomcat
> [From Non-Committers or not directly about Tomcat] - Packaging
> Tomcat for Linux Distributions - I Love Lucee -- a Java
> implementation of Cold Fusion - Routing CDN traffic at scale using
> Tomcat - Secure Web Applications using Apache Fortress - Monitoring
> Tomcat; various tools - Building Reactive Applications on Tomcat -
> Troubleshooting performance using thread dumps - High Throughput
> Production Systems on Tomcat - Why I Love Open Source -
> Introduction to Spring Boot - Tomcat, TomEE, and Meecrowave
> If you are using Tomcat at $work and doing something interesting,
> we'd love to hear about it.
> 7. You don't need to be the foremost expert in $feature to talk
> about it 8. We are actively looking for speakers to talk about
> these and other topics:
> - How to get started hacking on Tomcat ("How can I help?") -
> Running a "split" Tomcat installation (BASE vs HOME) for easy
> upgrades - Deploying Tomcat in an auto-scaling environment (e.g.
> AWS EBS) - Tomcat should really have [Feature X] - Whatever you
> think might be interesting!
> Please consider speaking if you haven't done so before. If you are
> worried about whether your idea is good enough: don't. Just submit
> your idea to the CFP -- you don't have to write-up the presentation
> in order to submit an idea, just write a paragraph or two about
> what you want to do -- and the track chairpersons (chairpeople?[1])
> will decide whether or not to include your presentation in the
> event. (And chances are good that if you submit an idea it will be
> accepted.)
> Please reply to the users list with any questions you may have
> about ApacheCon, the Tomcat track, or submitting a talk proposal.
> Thanks, -chris
> On behalf of all ApacheCon 2020 Tomcat Track chairpersons
> [1]
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