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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: POST request fails if content is ignored?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2019 14:48:44 GMT
On 09.09.2019 15:21, Leon Atherton wrote:
> Thank you for the suggestion.
> I have just tried playing with this value. Setting it to -1, and setting
> it to 100x larger than the default.
> In both cases, the behaviour seems unchanged.
> Without touching this value, Tomcat will accept multipart POST requests
> much larger than 2MB (which is the default) as long as you call
> request.getPart() or request.getParameter().

I haven't tried that, but as per the documentation that at least looks wrong.

> The problem I am seeing is that if a response is sent without calling
> one of those methods, the browsers see it as a failed request.

To help me (or us) better understand the issue, could you provide a bit of context ?
Such as : why would the client send content in a POST, if the service at the end of the 
target URL is not going to read that content ?
What would be a use case ?

(Mainly because my interpretation is that, if the browser does that, then at least in some

way it /is/ a bad request, which /should/ fail).

And maybe another question : have you tried monitoring such a request/response using a 
browser-based tracing tool, to show exactly what the server is sending back ?
(is it e.g. some kind of 4xx response ?)

> Thanks
> On 09/09/2019 12:59, André Warnier (tomcat) wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Did you check :
>> --> maxPostSize
>> Note : normally, the browser will encode (Base64 or similar) the
>> content of a file and send the encoded content, which tends to be
>> significantly larger (in bytes) than the original file (say + 30%). I
>> do not know (and the doc does not say) if the maxPostSize attribute
>> refers to the POST content still encoded or already decoded.
>> On 09.09.2019 12:53, Leon Atherton wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've discovered an interesting issue where POST requests fail when
>>> uploading a file over about ~6MB if the server ignores the request
>>> content.
>>> I've put together a simple project to reproduce it:
>>> Serverside code:
>>> Clientside code:
>>> If you'd like to try it yourself there are a couple of pre-built war
>>> files on the releases page, and there are steps to reproduce in the
>>> file.
>>> The problem does not occur when uploading a small file, and the problem
>>> can be "fixed" by simply getting a parameter from the request object. It
>>> reproduces in Tomcat 8 & 9. The problem does not reproduce on Payara,
>>> but I am seeing similar on Jetty.
>>> My guess is that the server responds before the client has finished
>>> uploading the file. The browsers see the incomplete upload and report
>>> this as an error, despite content being sent in response. And my guess
>>> is that inspecting a request parameter causes the server to wait for the
>>> full upload before sending the response.
>>> It's a slightly odd workflow, but it's not too unreasonable to sometimes
>>> respond early and ignore the request content.
>>> Is this expected behavior, or a bug in Tomcat?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Leon
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