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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat embedded
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2019 11:19:23 GMT
On 17/06/2019 01:04, Tommy Pham wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> 1) Is there an official documentation for embedding TC process?  My search
> shows various how-to on other sites.
>    a)  If not, I guess I could request to be added to the wiki to
> contribute one.  Since I don't quite know all the details of TC, is there a
> review process to ensure clarity and complete coverage of embedding process?

The Javadoc is probably the best place to start:

There is a lot more information that could be presented there. Patches

A Tomcat committer will review any patch before applying it.

> 2) (probably better to ask the dev list?) I noticed there are some
> differences in the official binary distribution vs development environment:
>    a)  Official has annotations-api.jar while development has according to
> gradle:
> default - Configuration for default artifacts.
> +--- org.apache.tomcat.embed:tomcat-embed-core:9.0.+ -> 9.0.21
> |    \--- org.apache.tomcat:tomcat-annotations-api:9.0.21
> while the jar file names are different, the classes' name and the jar's
> manifest within appear to the same.  I think this is trivial.

Whenever you wonder why a line of code is they way it is, running git
blame on the file is usually informative.In this case it will lead you to:

>    b)  ecj version differences:  the official binary uses ecj-4.10.jar
> while the development, per gradle, uses ecj-3.16:

It is the same version. The difference is due to where the JARs are
obtained from. The Tomcat build script gets it from The Eclipse IDE 4.10
downloads - hence the version used. The pom.xml go directly to Maven
Central which uses the internal version number 3.16. If you look in the
manifests you'll see the internal version info is the same.


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