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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Login failing on Manager
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2019 18:50:00 GMT
I have several vHosts with 8-10 custom webapps per vHost (Tomcat 9.0).  
I'm using SingleSignOn on all of the hosts with container-managed 
security.  Logging on using any of my own webapps is rock-solid on all 
of the vHosts and has worked for years.  But if I go to the Tomcat 
manager app on any of the vHosts without being logged in, manager 
presents its own login popup as I would expect.  But it will not accept 
my id/pw.  If I go back to my main webapp on that vHost and login there, 
THEN go to manager, it works fine.

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest JSPWiki on all of the sites. After 
the upgrade, now JSPWiki is doing the same thing.  It accepts 
credentials and works fine if I'm already logged in using my main site 
webapp.  But if I go to JSPWiki without logging in and try to login 
using the JSPWiki login form, it refuses to log me on.

What could cause manager and JSPWiki to not accept my login on their own 
login screens, but still be completely happy to accept my credentials if 
I login on another SingleSignOn webapp on the same vHost?  This one is 
baffling me....



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