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From Karen Goh <>
Subject where to look for $CATALINA_BASE/conf/ in Tomcat Server ?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 06:14:16 GMT

I am trying to do JASPIC follows by JACC using Java Servlet and JSP and maybe REST with PostgresQL

However, I have difficulty in locating the $Catablina_base in the external tomcat server I
am using in Eclipse.

Also, I went to check out the hosting company side, I can't find Catalina_base at all also.

I hope someone can tell me exactly where to put the jaas.config file for the JAAS to work.

Another thing is about JASPIC.

I can't find alot of tutorial regarding JAPIC.

There is this guy Arjan Tijms which poses quite a fair bit of infor but I guess my Java skills
is still not good enough to understand the mechanism of how things work.

I am currently testing things out using Tomcat 9.0.4.

And how does JASPIC + JACC fit into the scheme of salt based password verification.  

Hope someone can give me some hints how to go about securely password the simplest possible
way based on JASPIC and JACC.  Thanks.

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