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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Queries regarding tuning Apache Tomcat to serve high traffic
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2019 13:48:10 GMT
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On 6/12/19 04:53, Vinu Vibhu Sobhana wrote:
> Hai Team,
> I have been requested by Project Manager to host a web application
> in Tomcat 8.5 and tune the server to cater high traffic. So, I
> have hosted the web application on an allotted VPS server with 
> specification (8 vCPU, 16GB RAM and 200 HD), with Tomcat 8.5.42 
> installed.  The web application has been successfully hosted also.
> Now, with respect to tuning part, I have to clear some points
> before making it on-line
> 1. How can I tune this server to cater high traffic.

Tomcat is tuned fairly well out of the box.

> 2. What all are the parameters that I need to considered while
> tuning

There really aren't that many things you can change. Mostly, you can:

1. Add more threads to the thread pool
2. Allow more connections
3. Adjust timeouts to evict clients who aren't responding quickly enough

> 3. Any open-source tools to generate high traffic and test the 
> currently configured server

Apache JMeter is pretty much the standard, here. Remember that you
want to make sure that your test is valid by generating load from
multiple servers and not just one host which might limit itself.

Our testing[1] indicates that you can fill the network before Tomcat
begins to struggle with moving bytes around.

Your application is far more likely to be a bottleneck than anything
Tomcat related.

> 4. Any references / biogs that I can refer regarding this topic 5.
> Any suggestions from your end.

It sounds like you have a single server running your application. I
would recommend more than one for fault-tolerance and
high-availability. Users are happier with a slower, available service
than a fast one that isn't reachable. :)

> Note: A brief about the the web application. Its a small
> recruitment portal web application that lets 1. Clients to register
> their details 2. Allot a time-frame to have an on-line exam 3.
> Performs on-line exams for the selected candidates (another
> schedule) 4. Publish their results 5. Expected traffic rate 1000
> hits/sec approx.

That doesn't give us much information. What really matters is the
amount of information going over the network. Tomcat mostly just
pushes bytes over the network for you and dispatches everything to
your application.

So unless you are having a specific problem, there really is nothing
to do with Tomcat to make it "faster". It's already pretty much as
fast as it can be.

- -chris
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