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From Peter Kreuser <>
Subject Re: Minor version upgrades
Date Fri, 10 May 2019 21:16:14 GMT


> Am 10.05.2019 um 17:23 schrieb Dave Ford <>:
> Hello,
> We've running many instances of Tomcat 8.5 on some dozens of linux
> servers.  All of this is being managed by Puppet using the puppetforge
> tomcat module.
> The Puppet module that deploys tomcat simple checks to see if the
> NOTICE file is the correct place to determine whether or not it should
> unpack a provided tarball into Catalina_home. 
> My question is this - as we've gone and placed our catalina_base folder
> within a subfolder of catalina_home, we're not going to want to simply
> delete the C_H folder to reinstall a newer version.
> Is it safe/sane to unpack a new minor release (say 8.5.40) over the
> existing installation of (8.4.32) over an existing Catalina_Home?
> Or should I simply bite the bullet, rework my puppet code to deploy the
> instances outside of Catalina_Home and wipe C_H before redeploying it
> with a  newer version?

Take a big bite and make the most of the separation of home and base.

Well you noticed the point of the separate directories already.

> Regards,
> Dave
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Just my 2ct


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