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From John Dale <>
Subject Re: Initiating httpservletrequest from inside Tomcat / TomEE
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 15:23:26 GMT
Another thought .. you can do some request dispatching, but without
knowing more about the tools you're using, I can't say for sure if
this is the direction you'll want to go.

On 4/29/19, Paul Carter-Brown <> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to design a Kafka consumer and producer that will run inside the
> tomcat jvm and pick up messages off a Kafka topic and translate them into a
> servlet request and pass it through tomcat and then when the response is
> complete then translate it into a Kafka message and put it onto another
> topic as a reply. This way I can reuse our existing jax-rs rest services
> and expose them as an async api over Kafka. The idea is to make the Kafka
> messages similar to http in that they would consist of headers and a body.
> The body would be json.
> Now I know this could be done by calling localhost with an http call to
> trombone the requests back into tomcat but I'd like to avoid the associated
> latency and overhead. Is it possible to call tomcat directly in-process.
> This does not need to be portable to other containers so can be
> proprietary.
> I'm using tomcat 8. In fact its tomee 8 but guessed this is more a tomcat
> question than tomee but have sent to both groups just in case.
> Thanks for any insights.
> Paul

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