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From "Christopher Dodunski" <>
Subject Re: Using custom Configurator with WebSockets
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2019 22:37:05 GMT
> The custom Configurator looks fine. The problem is with trying to do
> this with a POJO endpoint. There is an underlying assumption that - for
> a POJO endpoint - the endpoints will will instances of the POJO class.
> This doesn't seem to hold in your case so hence it breaks.
> The WebSocket spec explicitly states that WebSocket annotations do not
> follow Java inheritance so moving the annotation to the interface is not
> an option.
> I think you are going to have to build your ServerEndpointConfig
> programmatically so you can specify the correct endpoint class.
> Mark

Thank you very much Mark for explaining.  After examining the Tapestry-IoC
a little closer, I discovered that what is being returned from the
Registry is in fact a 'service proxy object'.  It implements the same
service interface as my implementation class, but it is NOT an instance of
my implementation class.

I was thinking to shift my WebSocket annotations from the service
implementation to the service interface, but you write that this won't
work either.

So I searched the net and found a number of examples of using build() to
define an endpoint configuration.  Do you happen to have an example where
the objective was the same - or very similar to - my own?  I guess the
goal is in having Tomcat accept a service proxy object that merely
implements a given service interface, yes?

Quoting from the Tapestry-IoC documentation:

"Services consist of two main parts: a service interface and a service
implementation. The service interface is how the service will be
represented throughout the rest of the registry. Since what gets passed
around is normally a proxy, you can't expect to cast a service object down
to the implementation class (you'll see a ClassCastException instead). In
other words, you should be careful to ensure that your service interface
is complete, since Tapestry IoC effectively walls you off from back doors
such as casts."



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