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From Jerry Malcolm <>
Subject Session Persistence Problems
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2019 03:56:56 GMT
I have a TC host that is running about 10 separate webapps that interact 
with each other.  I understand that sessions are per-webapp.  But within 
one webapp, with the same browser just making different calls to the 
same webapp is starting new sessions about 30% of the time.  I've put a 
debug statement at the beginning of all of my JSPs that logs 
session.isNew().  It'll start a new session, then use it for 10 or so 
subsequent calls. But then it'll decide to drop that session and start a 
new one that it'll subsequently use for a while. The setup is nothing 
fancy.  It's just calling several different JSPs within the same webapp 
(context).  I am keeping data in the session that really needs to 
persist for the duration of the 'real' session between the user and the 
site.  So this is a serious problem.   (This is happening both with 
Firefox and Chrome).  I'm using TC 9.0.1 on Windows.

I definitely could have some misunderstandings here.  But my first 
understanding is that once a browser makes a call to a webapp, a session 
is created, and that session remains around until invalidated on a 
logout or a timeout occurred, and that webapp uses that session for the 
remainder of the activity between that browser and that webapp.  If 
that's not the case, then please set me straight. If that assumption is 
correct, what could possibly be causing the sessions to keep dropping 
and new ones created?

Interestingly, logon state is not being dropped with the new sessions.  
I'm using single sign-on.  So that may be ensuring the logon doesn't drop.

The only thing I can come up with is that I'm using some RewriteRules in 
httpd to map the complex url paths to single words like "/product". (SEO 
advisor told me to do that...) I'm trying to see in the logs if there is 
a correlation between rewrites and the new sessions.  But I can't really 
tell if that's what's causing it.

Am I missing or do I have some sort of errant configuration setting that 
is causing the sessions to keep reinitiating?  Is there something else 
I'm missing?  I really need to have sessions that last as long as the 
user is on the site.

Suggestions?  Help??



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