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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: tomcat 8.5.23 can not modify maxconcurrentstream setting
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:44:44 GMT


On 26/02/2019 11:01, Helena Carbajo wrote:
> I'm trying to modify the value of MaxConcurrentStream for the tomcat server in order
to check that it returns a STREAM_REFUSED when the client uses more streams, but I don't manage
to change the default unlimited value.
> I've been inspecting the tomcat server code with a debugger and I saw it enters the method
protected synchronized void set(Setting setting, Long value)  from the
class to change the value for maxConcurrentStream. Yet, if I'm not wrong, it only modifies
the pending hashSet not the current one, which is the one that is checked later on to determine
if it is lower than the clients' active streams and therefore send the  STREAM_REFUSED code.
> I'm not sure if  I'm not modifying the value correctly. I use the Http2Protocol's method
setMaxConcurrentStreams to set the value and then add the Http2Protocol to the connector(addUpgradeProtocol).
> I'd be grateful if someone could give me a hint of what is going on or what I'm doing
wrong. Thank you!

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