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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: distinction between resource charset and format octet decoding
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2019 11:20:00 GMT
On 15/01/2019 03:39, Garret Wilson wrote:
> On 1/9/2019 2:30 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> …
>> Create yourself an account at (click
>> login then create an account) and let the list know your ID. Then one of
>> the admins can add you to the allowed editors.
> I was just ready to create an account, but I want to verify the details
> so I don't screw things up.
>  * It asks for a "Name". Is this a username, I suppose? So we don't
>    maintain our "name" separate from our "login username"?

Yes, it is your username. Any linkage from that to your "public name"
would be maintained on your user page - if you wish.

>  * It says to use "FirstnameLastName". Are you literally wanting us to
>    use "JohnDoe", or can we use "johndoe"? Sorry for the questions; as
>    one who works with protocols all the time, I automatically assume
>    this stuff is important. But I prefer to use lowercase on my
>    usernames; I'm a little confused about why this would want
>    PascalCase for a login username. (I can't think of another system
>    that I use that requires PascalCase usernames.)

Think of it as a SHOULD rather than a MUST.

> My guess is that it's trying to maintain a "human name" and a "username"
> but combine them both into one field or something. I can't say this
> approach is typical…

Anything in PascalCase becomes a link to a wiki page of that name.
Usernames are created in this form so references to the user
automatically become links to that user's page in the wiki.

It isn't a feature we use much at the moment. A quick check shows that
most, but not all, contributors have created their user name in PascalCase.

For example, take a look at


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