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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Translations update
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2018 14:21:15 GMT
On 27/11/2018 13:19, Rémy Maucherat wrote:

> Yes, I agree: it's not possible for non english speakers to use Tomcat, so
> it did seem pointless. Mark still wanted to do the experiment, and since
> the tool was easy and I had some time I did that French stuff. Anyway it's
> done now, and people are sometimes happy to get i18n, so...

Congrats to everyone involved in completing the French translations and
in expanding the language coverage generally. And a special
congratulations / thank you to Rémy who contributed over 1700 (no, that
is not a typo!) translations.

I do think this experiment has been worthwhile. Yes, there are some
users who prefer English to their native language but there are also
some users who find the translations helpful. The good thing is that it
is easy to set Tomcat up to work either way.

I wonder. Is there any value in any of the following:

- The ability to change the language Tomcat uses while Tomcat is
running? I'm thinking an option exposed via JMX and the Manager app.

- The ability to 'translate' messages. I'm thinking something that takes
a message in one language, searches through the l10n strings to find a
match and then provides the same message in an alternative language.
Finding an efficient way to do this could be interesting.


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