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From Karen Goh <>
Subject Re: Fw: Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2018 04:57:39 GMT

On Thu, 9/13/18, Igal Sapir <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Fw: Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap
 To: "Tomcat Users List" <>, "Igal Sapir" <>,
"Karen Goh" <>
 Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018, 2:34 PM
 On 9/12/2018 11:15 PM, Igal Sapir wrote:
 > Karen,
 > On 9/12/2018 9:43 PM, Karen Goh wrote:
 >>   Hi Igal, I think you are spot-on my
 problem. Tks.  Thanks to 
 >> Burghard
 also for suggesting re-importing the project.
 >> I just since
 corrected the directory address inside my run 
 >> configuration as follows ;
 >> -Dcatalina.home="C:\Program
 >> -Dwtp.deploy="C:\Program 
 >> Now, I am not sure what this address
 is referring to and I just can't 
 >> find the explanation on the
 >> Cos what happened is that
 Tomcat is giving me errors all my ports are 
 >> being used and so I have altered it as
 follows :
 Tomcat admin port 8006
 >> HTTP/1.1  
 >> AJP/1.3 8010
 >> Please let me
 know if address should be changed to 8006
 >> Cos now I got
 this latest error :(
 >> ERROR:
 transport error 202: connect failed: Connection refused
 >> ERROR: JDWP Transport dt_socket failed
 to initialize, 
 >> JDWP exit error
 AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197): No transports 
 >> initialized [debugInit.c:750]
 >> And I
 can't do make Tomcat switch to Debug mode even though I
 >> followed what you guys have
 taught me the last time.
 > No.  "8006" is not a valid
 address, it's just the port.  If you want 
 > to use port 8006 on localhost then you
 need to use "localhost:8006".  
 > The -agentlib value therefore should be
 like so:
 > But you might be
 better off using the environment variable
 A small clarification/correction:
 The environment variable above
 will work if you pass the `jpda` command 
 catalina.bat.  If you are not doing that then you need to
 specify the 
 `-agentlib` argument

I just found out that the User Entries where bootstrap.jar for linking Tomcat to Eclipse is
missing so I added them and it is working 'ok' now.
Not sure why it is not being attached this time round, even with Maven update etc.

Now, the thing that is not working is that the VM I have to repeatedly entered it manually.

It wasn't like that in the past version Tomcat 8.5, 8 etc...

I hope you can advise me how to make it permanently there.   Tks.

The web suggested that I saved it in the common tab in the run configuration Shared File but
even that it is not working
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