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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject [OT] Re: Tomcat Binary Connector
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2018 10:48:16 GMT
In reply to Anthony's :
"Tomcat itself is a fixed requirement for the container architecture. Just
having a process listening on a port is not considered to be enterprisy

On 23.09.2018 00:19, Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> Hey Anthony,
> your last comment seems to indicate that you disagree with tomcat being
> fixed requirement. Personally I feel opening a port and implementing all
> the protocol handling completely negates of advantages of having tomcat in
> your application. So maybe you should force a change in your requirements
> instead of undermining them, if you feel they are nonsense.

While agreeing 100% with Leon, I note something else interesting here : 5 years ago, using

Open Source Software like Tomcat for corporate solutions, would itself have been 
considered as dubious, at best.  Now it is not using it, which is considered "not 
enterprisy enough"..

This is at the same time an endorsement of Open Source software, and the expression of a 
doubt that any better-fitting ad-hoc solution, developed by essentially the same class of

people as the ones who write such Open Source software, would be trustable.

Enough material there for a few sociology/philosophy/logic papers..

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