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From Jäkel, Guido <>
Subject RE: Application hanging on Tomcat 7.0.54
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2018 06:29:03 GMT
Dear Louis,

I would recommend to use a tool like JVisualVM (with Plugins*) to take a look on this things
while it's still running or have blocked. You may live watch things like running threads or
the Java heap occupation or investigate JVM, Java and Tomcat parameters (and even run some
actions) via JMX with "MBean-Explorer". You may trigger to generate a heap dump or force FullGC
and even do CPU or Memory profiling.

The Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool for instance provide a MBean view for every connection with
it's parameters. You may live watch the number of active, idle, ... connections (with a "well
hidden" chart feature: Double-Click to expand some value representations; this here to a chart)

Tomcat (i.e. Catalina) have something like a running request scoreboard, also. You may take
and identify from that all long running or blocked requests. On the MBean, it's at "Catalina|RequestProcessor|<connector>|<connector-pool-member>|currentURI"
and corresponding parameters.

(*) You would have to install some plugins inside the JVisualVM Tool, e.g. "Visual GC", "VisualVM
Buffer Monitor", "Thread Inspector", "VisualVM BMeans"



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