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From Mitch Claborn <>
Subject Re: Error receiving all sessions in cluster
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 21:17:39 GMT
I apologize. I know see the "sendAllSessions" setting on DeltaManager. 
Not sure how I missed that the first time. I'll experiment with that.

Still would like any insight into question #2.


On 09/18/2018 08:51 AM, Mitch Claborn wrote:
> 1) Any time the DeltaManager runs into an error deserializing the "all 
> sessions" message, all sessions from the one with the error and later 
> are lost. I realize it must currently be this way because once there is 
> an error in the serialized stream there is no realistic way to find 
> where the next session object begins in the stream. I'd like to be able 
> to configure the Delta Manager to send the "all sessions" message in 
> chunks of N sessions per message, where N can be configured in the XML. 
> Doing this would limit the impact of a problematic session to only those 
> in the same chunk. The final chunk would need some kind of marker so 
> that the receiver knows that all sessions have been received. Any 
> thoughts on this? I don't think it is possible in the current code. How 
> hard would it be to make this change.  If I were to code it, would it be 
> considered for acceptance into the base code?
> 2) Is it possible that a session object could be accessed and used while 
> it is being deserialized in another thread for the "all sessions" 
> message to another host? This might explain the corruption I'm seeing.

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