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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [mod_jk] No data for "LE" (last error timestamp) column in lb status
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2018 18:25:59 GMT
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On 7/23/18 6:01 AM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Am 20.07.2018 um 16:29 schrieb Christopher Schultz:
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>> All,
>> I've got a lb worker with two balanced nodes. One of the nodes
>> has a non-zero value for the "Err" (errors) field, but there is a
>> blank entry for the "LE" (last error timestamp) field.
>> I'm using mod_jk 1.2.41 on x86-64 Linux.
>> The whole XML record (with some things redacted is here):
>> <jk:member name="my-node" type="ajp13" host="localhost"
>> port="7115" address="" source="undefined" 
>> connection_pool_timeout="60" ping_timeout="10000"
>> connect_timeout="0" prepost_timeout="0" reply_timeout="0"
>> connection_ping_interval="0" retries="2" recovery_options="0"
>> busy_limit="0" max_packet_size="8192" activation="ACT"
>> lbfactor="1" route="my-node" redirect="" domain="" distance="0"
>> state="OK" lbmult="1" lbvalue="192" elected="323181" 
>> sessions="13277" errors="21" client_errors="2"
>> reply_timeouts="0" transferred="322498984" read="1805149172"
>> busy="0" max_busy="222" connected="26" max_connected="222"
>> time_to_recover_min="0" time_to_recover_max="0"
>> last_reset_at="1531625678" last_reset_ago="470720"/>
>> I don't see any information about the "last error timestamp" in
>> the raw data. Does this field actually exist?
> At least there is code in jk_status.c to handle it. And if it is
> empty in the HTML view, the same condition will drop it from the
> other views.
> But it works different for a rway AJP worker and an lb member:
> - raw AJP worker (not in an lb):
> The underlying field is a "volatile time_t error_time" defined in 
> jk_shm.h as part of the struct jk_shm_ajp_worker.
> It gets set in jk_ajp_common.c to time(NULL) whenever either an
> AJP worker goes into error state or its busy count is above the
> limit. The field never gets reset.
> It is used in jk_status.c to print the LE column and also for XML
> and properties output.
> - AJP worker as a member in an lb:
> The underlying field is a "volatile time_t first_error_time"
> defined in jk_shm.h as part of the struct jk_shm_lb_sub_worker.
> It gets set in jk_ajp_common.c to time(NULL) whenever either an
> AJP worker goes into error state or its busy count is above the
> limit. The field gets reset when a worker leaves the error state
> (probably the case in your situation) and when you reset the worker
> statistics via the status worker. The fields can get set before the
> worker goes into error, namely if error_escalation_time allows to
> ignore errors for some time before setting an erred worker into
> error state.
> All in all I would say the filed is less useful for lb members than
> for raw AJP workers.


I was expecting this field to be the "time the last error was
encountered" and instead it means the "time the worker last went into
an error state" which is a much bigger issue.

I was going to use this for a monitoring alarm but instead I'll use a
delta on the CE field value.

- -chris
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