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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Information on sessionCacheSize !
Date Wed, 02 May 2018 10:44:41 GMT
On 02/05/18 01:18, Utkarsh Dave wrote:
> Hello Team and Tomcat users,
> I am trying to gather more information and the effect of parameter
> "sessionCacheSize" in server.xml for a ssl connector.
> I see this from the documentation "The number of SSL sessions to maintain
> in the session cache."

See also:

This is where the provided value ends up.

> If i do not add this tomcat slows down and all the web
> access becomes extremly slow within a couple of days.
> This is because by default "0" size is assigned to this parameter which
> means unlimited cached sessions.
> So we added the parameter with the value of sessionCacheSize=10000
> What is the effect of 10k cached session on tomcat, can the problem reoccur
> once 10k sessions are cached back.

Each system will be different. The only way to know the impact on your
system is to test it.

> I am planning to modify it to test this with a value of sessionCacheSize=1.
> How can I test to come to a good value for sessioncachesize.

Profiling and testing.


> My product is using tomcat 7.0.81 (bio connector) with openjdk1.7.0.161 on
> Linux RedHat 6.
> -Thanks
> Utkarsh

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