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Subject Re: Updating a working installation
Date Tue, 22 May 2018 15:11:40 GMT

Am 11.05.2018 15:47, schrieb Mark H. Wood:
> "Is there an easy way?"  Depends on what you find easy. :-/
> I usually just load old and new server.xml into a maximized Emacs with
> two windows, and thoughtfully copy stuff over, after reading the
> release notes to learn of stuff to look out for.  Other configuration
> I usually don't touch, and webapp.s should just copy over without much
> trouble.
> As for the keystore:  I've recently moved that out of my Tomcat
> configurations into the place where I keep other certificates and
> keys, and I configure Tomcat to look for it there.  So I just copy
> those settings over and the keystore stays where it was.
> I also tend to install the webapp.s elsewhere and just drop in
> external Context files to point to them, so copying these is a snap.

Nobody mentioned the usage of CATALINA_BASE vs. CATALINA_HOME

Besides diffing the conf-dirs I just update CATALINA_HOME with the new 
version, restart and then it's done.

Best regards


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