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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Manager connector status
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2018 17:31:27 GMT
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On 4/4/18 9:52 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 04/04/18 14:29, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> All,
>> I'm running 8.5.29 and I'm looking at the manager application, 
>> specifically at the Connectors list on the "Server Status" page.
>> I have two connectors:
>> 1. ajp-nio-8215
>> 2. http-nio-
>> The server is idle (it's my own desktop) and I loaded the Server 
>> Status page over the HTTP connector. However, both connectors say
>> that the "Current thread busy" count is "1". Why is the AJP
>> connector "using" a thread? It should be doing nothing, right?
> I don't see this on a clean install.
> I do see this if I configure both the AJP and HTTP connector to use
> a shared executor. In this case, the thread stats reported are for
> the executor.

Right, because none of the Connectors in the default configuration use
an Executor.

But what about the "1 thread always being used" thing?

>> Another odd thing is that the connector says the "Max Threads" is
>> -1. That may be true for the connector itself because I'm using
>> an Executor. But the executor does have a thread-limit and that's
>> not being shown.
>> The current thread count and current thread busy counts are sane 
>> values, so those must be coming from the Executor. Why not the
>> "max threads" value?
> That would need some svn archaeology. From memory there have been
> some changes around this area over the years as various edge cases
> emerge.
> Ah. And there you have the answer: 
> Because the Connector and Executor have separate attributes for 
> maxThreads, minSpareThreads and threadPriority the getters and
> setters were providing inconsistent / misleading values. Returning
> -1 was an attempt to indicate that the attribute was not being used
> and that you should look elsewhere for the value.
> The dynamic stats (current thread-pool size, active threads, etc.)
> can be provided in a consistent manner so don;t need this
> treatment.

That's what I figured, but there is no information about Executors in
the manager.

Would it be better to introduce more information about Executors in
the Manager, or to change the Manager to show the Executor information
when one is in use?

I see this as a minor bug since you can't see the "max threads" for a
Connector when an Executor is in play.

- -chris
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