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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Connection closed error and certificateVerification="required"
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2018 16:58:57 GMT
On 26/03/18 08:25, Richard Tearle wrote:


> I've uploaded a ZIP with my test "UI" code (standalone java program),
> and the "ESB"
> code which goes into tomcat.
> In the support folder within the ZIP are updated scripts to create the
> certificates - which
> now includes generating the client certificate as well. Also in there
> are the server.xml
> and other tomcat configuration files that are changed as part of our
> installation process
> - although these are the same as I'd included in the previous ZIP.
> Also included is a very simple shell script I use to call the UI.
> Usually setting the ESB
> delay to 5 seconds causes the connection closed error to occur in
> around 5 minutes of
> running the program.

Thanks. I've got the test application and UI running but I haven't yet
reproduced the problem. What parameters are you calling with?

I'll continue to try and reproduce the issue but I think it makes sense
to try and generate some debug data on your system as you can reproduce it.

The first step is to move to testing on a Tomcat instance built from
source. This will enable me to add additional debug logging as we go to
try and narrow down the root cause. The build process is fairly simple.
You'll need to check out
and follow the instructions in BUILDING.txt. You won't need a release
build. The default ant deploy should be fine.

Assuming you can still repeat this on a build from trunk, please enable
the following logging:
- SSL debug logging on client and server via
- Tomcat I/O layer debug logging by adding the following to
  conf/ = FINE

If you can repeat the issue with the above debug logging enabled, if you
can provide the logs for the 30s or so before the error occurs hopefully
there will be some clues in there as to what is going wrong.


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