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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: How to get the number of "keep-alive" connections ?
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2018 16:12:52 GMT

On 30.04.2018 12:46, Svetlin Zarev wrote:
> Hi,
> The MBean "Catalina:type=ThreadPool,name="http-nio-8080"" has an attribute
> called "keepAliveCount" but instead of the keep-alive connections it
> returns the sum of the number of the pollers' selection keys (as a result
> it usually reports a low number in the range 0-4 in my test setup). The
> closest thing to that count is "connectionCount" from the protocol handler,
> but it counts both keep-alive and non keep-alive connections.
> So, is "keepAliveCount" just a bad naming/bug, or am I missing something ?
> What's the proper way to track the number of "keep-alive" connections ?

That's an interesting question.

The first part of the answer is probably that for the TCP level of the connection, there 
is no such thing as a "keep-alive connection". There are only (to simplify a bit) 
"established connections".

The notion of "keep alive" is only a HTTP-level thing, and it just means that, rather than

immediately closing this client-server connection after sending a response to the client,

the server is going to keep this connection open (established) for a while, just in case 
the client decides to send a new request on the same connection.
And in case the client does not send another request on the same connection before the 
"keep-alive timeout" runs out, the server will /then/ close that connection.

And the server does that (I mean wait before closing), only if the client specifically 
asked for such a keep-alive connection, when it sent its first request on the connection.
(Otherwise, by default, the server /would/ close the connection after sending the first 

All this to say that, from the server perspective, the "number of current keep-alive 
connections" is probably not as straighforward as it may seem.
Such as : should it be the total number of client connections currently established, no 
matter what they are doing (*) ? or should one subtract from that, the number of these 
connections which are currently linked to a process which is processing a request ?
And the corresponding proper naming of a variable which would contain this number, is 
probably just as contentious.

(*) because in a way, a connection is always keep-alive until the response to the last 
request has been sent, and it only then gets decided whether to close it, or to keep it in

"life support" for some time longer.

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