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From "Cheltenham, Chris" <>
Subject Re: Binding a non root user to port 443
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2018 12:31:43 GMT
Thank You Olaf 


Thank You; 

Chris Cheltenham 
Technology Services 
The School District of Philadelphia 

Work # 215-400-5025 
Cell # 215-301-6571

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From: "Olaf Kock" <>
To: "users" <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 7:21:26 AM
Subject: Re: Binding a non root user to port 443


On 15.03.2018 13:34, Cheltenham, Chris wrote:
> Andre,
> You probably missed where I had mentioned the infrastructure group poo poo'd
> altering iptables for whatever reason.
> Here is what I think are my 5 best choices for running tomcat as a non root
> user on a privileged port.
> 1) redirect 443 to 8443 on the load balancer. VIP side.
> 2) iptables
> 3) jsvc
> 4) authbind
> 5) set cap
> I do NOT have control of the VIP so I can only make suggestions based on
> what I have control of.

I don't understand. I always make suggestions for areas that I don't 
have control of. It'd be frightening if I didn't, because that would 
mean that I'd control too much. IMHO 1 is the best point: The 
loadbalancer balances something anyway - you'd just document the 
application it should balance and the ports it should be available 
under. You probably can't tell them they need to bind another port than 
443 /on their frontend/, but you should certainly be able to tell them 
where your application lives that they should connect to in the backend. 
That's a configuration they'd have to make anyway and I hope they'd not 
be opposed to entering a port number.
> Therefore, the latter three are what I am looking into.
> I do not like set cap because it opens up ALL the privileged ports to a
> binary , such as java or http.
> Authbind is an install of a potentially buggy or unsecure software.

another reason for 1...

> I am not really sure how my post warranted so much attention but I
> appreciate it.

well, you posted a question, gave the background - that's what this list 
is for.


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