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From Karen Goh <>
Subject Re: Tomcat stopped and Debug can't be done in Eclipse
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2018 15:47:12 GMT

On Wed, 2/21/18, Konstantin Kolinko <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Tomcat stopped and Debug can't be done in Eclipse
 To: "Karen Goh" <>
 Cc: "Tomcat Users List" <>
 Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 5:43 AM
 2018-02-20 17:57 GMT+03:00 Karen
 Goh <>:
 > Hi Konstantin,
 > Can you point me some
 useful resources where I can learn about setting the Tomcat
 launch configuration.
 1. On
 the topic of debugging, see the following page:
 The following two items on
 that page should be interesting for you:
 "Official Eclipse IDE Web Tools FAQ for Tomcat"
 with links to Eclipse
 b) "How
 do I configure Tomcat to support remote debugging?"
 This is for the use case when
 you start Tomcat separately and attach a
 debugger to an already running Tomcat.
 2. On a topic
 of simply running Tomcat (not debugging), official
 documentation is "RUNNING.txt"
 There is also
 Environment variables used by
 launch scripts are documented in a
 at the top of those scripts (catalina.bat,
 Currently, I have the below inside my arguments :
 > Is this the part that
 is causing Tomcat to just hang ? Or I have missed out
 something I am not aware of.  Kindly highlight please.
 3. When Tomcat starts, its
 actual arguments are printed by
 You can see them in your previous e-mail,
 Search for "Command line argument"
 > Cos I can't proceed
 with any debugging at all as in run the green button :
 Please see this attachment at
 4. In your image I see that
 your Tomcat is not running
 (The "Console" view at the bottom
 says "<terminated>". The
 view says
 "[Stopped, Synchronized]".)
 How did you start it?
 5. My recipe will be:
 - In the
 "Servers" view select the server and deploy you
 onto it (right click ->
 context menu -> ...)
 - Then click the
 small green "bug" button in the toolbar of this
 (in the small toolbar right above
 "Servers" view, not the one in the
 main toolbar). The server should launch in
 debug mode.
It is not working following your step above.  If I started Tomcat and then click the green
'debug' button I will have problem going back to the Java EE view to click on the tutorRegister.jsp
page for it to run in debug mode.

Last time, when I did debug - it was so simple.  I just click on tutorRegister.jsp and Eclipse
will prompt me for change to debug perspective.  After that, when I complete the form and
hit submit, the IDE will then go to the breakpoint and allows debugging from there.

Can I know how to make this happen again ?

 > Is there any other changes I need to make
 since I am also using a maven plug in as below :
 > <dependency>
 > It used to be very easy for me to do
 debugging and now things are so much complicated now.
 Konstantin Kolinko
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