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From malbinola <>
Subject Parallel deployment without container managed sessions
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 10:25:35 GMT
Hi All,
we have been using the fantastic parallel deployment feature (PD) for years
but now, after upgrading to Apache Shiro's native session management, it
don't work anymore.

Let's suppose that we have a deployed app named app##01.war on which we have
several logged users. If we realease a new version of our webapp
(app##02.war), after the webapp is started up by tomcat, users on the
instance ##01 start receiving 401 Unauthorized from the server and they are
automatically redirected to login page. Every request after the new release
is treated as new session and redirected to the brand new release. 

I read  here

that Tomcat makes some decision depending on sessions infos.
It seems that the transition to Shiro's native session management completely
blinds Tomcat, preventing it from understanding real session distribution
over webapp's instances.
This can have sense, sessions are now managed by shiro and not by Tomcat.
So... Is there any module to extend in order to integrate into Tomcat's PD
decision process and provide a such sort of bridge over Shiro's session
Any thougths?

Thank you,

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