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From Coty Sutherland <>
Subject Re: TomcatCon Where (and when) next?
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2017 12:17:01 GMT
On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Christopher Schultz
<> wrote:
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> Mark,
> On 9/27/17 5:14 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> All,
>> TomcatCon London 2017 took place yesterday and was even more
>> successful than hoped. We sold 16 tickets for a full day of content
>> from 3 Tomcat committers.
>> I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank our
>> sponsors.
>> Liferay generously provided the venue - including all the
>> associated organisation. This provided us with a very nice venue,
>> removed a significant amount of the organisational overhead and
>> also removed all of the financial risk to the PMC members
>> organising the event.
>> c2b2 generously purchased 2 tickets and contributed towards the
>> other expenses (speaker travel expenses, buying a microphone so we
>> could record some of the sessions, name badges, etc,).
>> We were able to record 4 out of the 6 sessions and these will be
>> uploaded to YouTube and linked from the Tomcat website hopefully by
>> the end of the week.
>> As planned, the event generated a sufficient surplus to underwrite
>> the next event. With this in mind, thoughts are already turning to
>> future events.
>> We are looking for suggestions for possible locations for the next
>> event. Please add your suggestions to this thread.
>> Some points to keep in mind:
>> - Events close to one or more Tomcat committters will generally
>> have lower overheads due to reduced travel costs. At this point
>> that probably means Europe if the event runs without sponsorship.
>> - Sponsorship to cover speaker travel and/or to provide a venue
>> increases the options available with regard to location. I was
>> serious when I said in a previous thread that the next event could
>> be in India if a sponsor offered to provide a venue and cover
>> speaker travel.
>> If you'd like to discuss sponsorship options privately, please feel
>> free to contact me off-list.
>> With regards to timing, the aim is to try and organise one of
>> these events every couple of months. That probably means we need to
>> start thinking about event N+1 and N+2 in parallel.
>> I look forward to your suggestions,
> Washington, DC would be a lovely place to have a TomcatCon. :)

+1, it's only an hour flight for me :)

> I'd be happy to organize the event. Not too many Tomcat committers in
> the area, but lots of ASF folks are here, including jimjag (though his
> schedule is sometimes awkward). We held a BarCampApache here in 2012
> on a Saturday and got ~45 attendees. Tomcat would probably have a
> smaller draw from that crowd, but there might be more locals who would
> be more interested in a more focused set of topics rather than the
> wide-ranging chaos that often accompanies a BarCamp.
> There are quite a few big internet companies with presences around
> here (e.g. Living Social, Facebook, etc.) but I'm not sure which ones
> utilize Tomcat within their technology stack. They may be willing to
> give us some meeting space, however, since most of those companies end
> up being "friends of open source" even if they aren't
> directly-benefiting from one particular tool.
> - -chris
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