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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: AJP connection pool issue bug?
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2017 14:33:27 GMT
On 4 October 2017 15:17:25 BST, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>On 04/10/17 13:51, TurboChargedDad . wrote:
>>  Hello all..
>> I am going to do my best to describe my problem.  Hopefully someone
>> have some sort of insight.
>> Tomcat 7.0.41 (working on updating that)
>> Java 1.6 (Working on getting this updated to the latest minor
>> RHEL Linux
>> I inherited an opti-tenant setup.  Individual user accounts on the
>> each have their own Tomcat instance, each is started using sysinit. 
>> is done to keep each website in its own permissible world so one
>> can't interfere with a others data.
>> There are two load balanced apache proxies at the edge that point to
>> Tomcat server (I know I know but again I inherited this)
>> Apache lays over the top of tomcat to terminate SSL and uses AJP to
>> proxypass to each tomcat instance based on the users assigned port.
>> Things have run fine for years (so I am being told anyway) until
>> Let me give an example of an outage.
>> User1, user2 and user3 all use unique databases on a shared database
>> server, SQL server 10.
>> User 4 runs on a windows jboss server and also has a database on
>> database server 10.
>> Users 5-50 all run in the mentioned Linux server using tomcat and
>> databases on *other* various shared databases servers but have
>nothing to
>> do with database server 10.
>> User 4 had a stored proc go wild on database server 10 basically
>> it offline.
>>   Now one would expect sites 1-4 to experience interruption of
>> because they use a shared DBMS platform.  However.
>> Every single site goes down. I monitor the connections for each site
>with a
>> custom tool.  When this happens, the connections start stacking up
>> all the components. (Proxies all the way through the stack)
>> Looking at the AJP connection pool threads for user 9 shows that user
>> exhausted their AJP connection pool threads.  They are maxed out at
>300 yet
>> that user doesn't have high activity at all. The CPU load, memory
>usage and
>> traffic for everything except SQL server 10 is stable during this
>> The proxies start consuming more and more memory the longer the
>> occurs but that's expected as the connection counts stack up into the
>> thousands.  After a short time all the sites apache / ssl termination
>> start throwing AJP timeout errors.  Shortly after that the edge
>> will naturally also starting throwing timeout errors of their own.
>> I am only watching user 9 using a tool that allows me to have insight
>> what's going on using JMX metrics but I suspect that once I get all
>> others instrumented that I will see the same thing. Maxed out AJP
>> connection pools.
>> Aren't those supposed to be unique per user/ JVM? Am I missing
>something in
>> the docs?
>> Any assistance from the tomcat gods is much appreciated.
>TL;DR - Try switching to the NIO AJP connector on Tomcat.
>Take a look at this session I just uploaded from TomcatCon London last
>week. You probably want to start around 35:00 and the topic of thread

Whoops. Here is the link.


>P.S. The other sessions we have are on the way. I plan to update the
>site and post links once I have them all uploaded.
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