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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: Can't get over 100 client connections?
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 19:00:11 GMT
On 16.05.2017 19:57, wrote:
> All,
> I'm using Tomcat 7.0.75.
> I cannot get my connection or thread count over 100 no matter how much load I throw at
the server.  Currently I just have a dummy app deployed that doesn't do much except sleep
for about 500ms and return a canned response.  Initially I had maxThreads=20 with no explicit
maxConnections.  I could get the "current threads busy" metric to 20 easily.  Then I raised
it to 100 and was able to reach that number easily.  Additionally, netstat told me I had 100
incoming connections to port 5114.  However raising the maxThreads higher doesn't make any
difference, nor does explicitly specifying maxConnections=200.  In either case, I can only
get 100 busy threads and 100 active connections.  Once I reach that limit, the response times
on the client start going up.  The Tomcat server itself isn't stressed at all.  CPU and GC
are low.  The client is on a different server in the same data center.
> I'm not going through a load balancer.  I'm going directly to the connector below:
>      <Connector port="5114"
>          protocol="HTTP/1.1"
>          SSLEnabled="true"
>          maxConnections="200"
>          maxThreads="200"
>          maxKeepAliveRequests="100"
>          keepAliveTimeout="10000"
>          scheme="https"
>          secure="true"
>          clientAuth="true"
>          sslProtocol="TLS"
>          keystoreFile="/app/comp/myapp/certs/appcerttestkeystore"
>          keystorePass="${keystore.password}"
>          keyAlias="test"
>          truststoreFile="/app/comp/myapp/certs/cacerts"
>          truststorePass="${truststore.password}"
>          allowUnsafeLegacyRenegotiation="false"
>                  ciphers="blah blah blah"
>          />

I do not know with what you are testing (as a client).
But be aware of the following :

1) >          keepAliveTimeout="10000"
means 10 seconds.
It means that, after the last request which one particular client sends on its connection

to Tomcat, and Tomcat has responded to it, Tomcat will keep that connection open for an 
additional 10 s., just waiting to see if that same client has anything more to request.
Since you are not using an Executor, keeping the connection open will also mean keeping 
the corresponding Tomcat thread alive, also waiting.
Only once this time is over, will Tomcat close this connection, and "recycle" the thread 
to serve another client connection.
2) there may be a limit in the server OS, as to how many connections a process can have 
open at the same time. If that limit is reached at some point, that may either crash the 
process that wants an additional one, or put it in some wait queue until one is available

3) when a client opens a connection to a server (or tries to), and the server process does

not immediately respond to the "open connection" request, the TCP/IP stack on the server 
will place the connection-open request in a wait queue. The size of that queue is an 
adjustable TCP/IP parameter.
 From the client side, if its connection is not accepted immediately (but not rejected 
right away), the client will just wait, until it is accepted. There is usually a timeout 
for this also, on the client side.

Some combination of the above may explain what you see.

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