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From André Warnier (tomcat)>
Subject Re: Tomcat - IPv4 loopback
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2017 08:04:56 GMT
On 07.03.2017 03:42, wrote:
> Hi - We are using Tomcat 8 and in our prod we have been facing no buffer error for TCP
/ IP port, while we triage issue, we have found (through Resource monitor) the Tomcat8.exe
is having lots of IPv4 loopback as local address and remote address. Do you have any hint
of why this loop back happens ? as soon as we start the server we are seeing almost 60+ loop
back entries.
On your (Windows) server, with Tomcat running, enter this command in a command window :
netstat -aonb -p tcp

and then copy and paste the result here (eliminating irrelevant lines).
This will tell us more clearly what you are referring to.

You can also do the same on another tomcat server, and compare.

Note that if you have a front-end webserver in front of Tomcat (on the same host), such 
things tend to establish a pool of connections between front-end and back-end, which is 
maybe what you are seeing.
Similarly, if Tomcat applications communicate with some back-end database system (on the 
same host), the database driver may also create a pool of connections.

The command above will tell you what connects to what, and that may already provide the 
answer to your question.

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